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Thread: Anyone else find that...?

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    Question Anyone else find that...?

    Anyone else find that when you wear diapers outside of RP or in public your mood changes? I know that i'm usually an unconcentrated, loud mouthed and hyper and social person normally. But with a diaper on i am more quiet, antisocial and even focused, though not on purpose. I feel almost as if i'm subconsciously acting as i did back when i was younger (before i was made into the social person i am today, maybe its because diapers put me on the defensive). I'm sure the rule doesn't apply to all but i just want to see if any feels their mood changes in anyways when they wear diapers as opposed to when their not.

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    I haven't really worn in public, but I think that the anxiety of being caught plays a large part in the change in your mood.

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    possible but even when i'm alone i'm so much different when in a diaper

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    I guess I'm a little self-conscious when I'm wearing in public, worrying that I will leak or show at my waistline

    Otherwise, I'm sort of quiet anyway so I think it would not be noticeable.

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    Here is my experience.

    When my mood for wearing in public is to comfort myself or to maintain an "altered state" then I am definitely more quiet, less outgoing, less focused, less goal oriented.

    When my mood is of the "I can do this because I want to and it's nobody else's business what I am wearing underneath my clothes" kind, then I feel empowered, my mind is sharper.

    I am only self conscious about my diapers when I know that they are obvious to others, such as at the gym or with my wife.

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    The answer is probably yes for most of us who don't wear around others and/or outside of home. For those who wear 24/7 it's probably no big deal since it's become a part of their lifestyle.

    I've only worn a few times away from home, each time I was quite nervous and unable to concentrate very well.

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    Not particularly. I've worn diapers out many times before and I'm not really phased by the whole ordeal these days. Sure, I'm a bit more conscious of my actions and surroundings, but I'm nonetheless still the same person. ^_^

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    I never wear in public, I don't like wearing pants over my diapers, they get hot real quick because I wear only the plastic backed variety. I do feel a small sense of feeling like a young kid again. I also don't wear them all the time, only when I have that certain desire to do so.

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    I wear diapers all the time in public as I am incontinent. I haven't found that there is any difference in my attitude or mood really. I suspect that this is for two reasons. Firstly being incontinent, it is a necessity that I wear and I wear in order to be able to function normally, so I guess it is more likely to be detrimental to my mood if I don't wear them. Also I am definitely a DL not an AB, so it may well be a difference between the two, as i don't wear to make myself feel babyish anyway.

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