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Thread: Defining moments growing up

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    Default Defining moments growing up

    I understand that this has been covered in many different ways before, however I'm curious to know what defining memories people have of using nappies as they were growing up.

    I used nappies for incontinence and Bedwetting for a portion of my childhood and then considerably during my teenage years. I often used to stay at a family friends house during my childhood years, of which there were 3 boys who were using using nappies during the night. This was all fairly routine, especially as the nappies were all kept out in the open in the family bathroom. However once the nappies were put on and they went to bed around 7pm they weren't allowed to leave their rooms and this was enforced quite strongly by the mother- if anything this made me grateful that despite my incontinence I was fairly independent and not essentially forced to use my pad like her sons were.

    I always seem to remember the damp feeling on my pyjama bottoms around the legs of my diaper when I woke up in the morning. I also remember being relentlessly questioned by my mum each morning as to whether I had an accident.

    The above is all 100% true, I look forward to hearing your experiences!

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    I wore drynites to bed and dad used to check it every morning when I got up, when I used to the toilet during the night and the drynite was dry they used to say how much of big girl I was and when I wet them, mom used to say I was a baby and being lazy by using it as a nappy, but my mom was being irrational just like she was. I think she was just glad when it ended. I remember dad changing my nappy a bit but there might of been a time where mom did it where I remembered but it was mostly dad.

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    I've had some pretty bad ones, I still remember very vividly the day I was put back in diapers. I had for a while been pretty proud of the fact that I was a "big kid" in pullups, but as it became apparent that I wasn't developing right and wasn't making any progress my parents decided to put me back in diapers. And they weren't shy about shaming me about it, they were told that I might grow out of it and they thought they could give it that extra push if they just made me want it bad enough. I went through many years of emotional abuse over it, my parents divorced not long after that, and they'd shuffle me back and forth, and my mom got my uncle involved in it too. I'll never forget the beratement he put me through, I can still hear it when I think about it.

    The longer I type this post the more I'm getting emotional and not wanting to post it, so I'll just stop there. Suffice it to say it took them a long time to admit they were wrong about that, and me a long time to forgive them. In the end they were just trying to do what they thought they needed to do in order to get me normal, but I'm not normal, and places like ADISC, DD, Twitter, Tumblr, various ABDL/Incontinence websites, and my wife most especially, went a long way towards helping me accept that that's okay.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MaurepasGnD View Post
    In the end they were just trying to do what they thought they needed to do in order to get me normal, but I'm not normal, and places like ADISC, DD, Twitter, Tumblr, various ABDL/Incontinence websites, and my wife most especially, went a long way towards helping me accept that that's okay.
    meh, "normal" is overrated. I never want to be called "normal". The world would be a boring, depressing place if everyone was "normal". If anything, I feel sorry for anyone that truly considers themself "completely normal".

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    That's really strange that the parents wouldn't let their kids out of the bedroom at night. Though, guess if they were diapered they didn't need to leave the room.

    I don't remember wearing diapers as a kid. My earliest memories of this are lots of accidents as a kid. It wasn't until I was 7 or 8 that I stopped having them. I always wanted to be back in diapers to save from having to ask to use the bathroom a lot or the embarrassment that would come if I didn't.

    Around the time I was in 7th or 8th grade I remember that I started wanting them again and I started to develop OAB. It wasn't until recently that I started to go on a bit of a binge cycle and wearing in public for convenience.

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    I know I'm not normal. Musicians are almost never normal....haha.

    My earliest memory is from when I was four years old. I was running around the house and for some reason, I was saying dah-dah over and over again. My mom kept telling me to stop and act like a big boy. I persisted and she finally said if I continued, she'd put me back in diapers, and if I thought she was kidding, she still had my diapers in their bedroom closet. That was my light bulb moment when I realized I wanted to be back in diapers, but we were having company coming over, and I didn't want them to see me wearing just a diaper.

    Two years later, a new family moved into the house next door. There were three boys, one an infant, one four years old and one my age: six. He and I played together and his four year old brother tagged along. The brother was deliberately wetting his pants as I guess he was jealous of his infant brother. Anyway, one day I went back to their house because I had seen the mother put his wet underwear on the landing going down to the basement. I opened the side door and stole is wet underpants with the thought of wearing them. I got them home only to be caught by my mother, and I had to take them back and apologize. That sort of set everything into motion.

    In 7th grade, my parents went bankrupt and we had to move across the state, me leaving my best friend. I had a psychotic break and lost an entire week of knowing who I was or where I was. I simply slept it out. As I began to adjust to a new school and a new life, I started to secretly wet my underpants, and the rest has become history. I continued to make diapers, wet them, and eventually buy diapers, etc.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Slip92 View Post
    I always seem to remember the damp feeling on my pyjama bottoms around the legs of my diaper when I woke up in the morning. I also remember being relentlessly questioned by my mum each morning as to whether I had an accident.
    I have vivid memories of lying in bed wet dreading the moment of truth with mom. More than once I tried to hide a bed-wetting from her, that didnít work so well. Sometimes she was understanding, more often she was not.

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    I've been wearing TENA Classic Briefs for some time now, just enjoying all the freedom they bring to me. I very well know the feeling of both wetting and messing in public by now, I've just gotten a bit used to being diapered 24/7

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    First off I've never been out of diapers for nighttime...

    But, I remember as a kid my mom would flip flop about getting me out of diapers...

    She being very strong willed, she asked every pharmacy person about it, and took me to many Drs too...

    Now the flop is, I was an avid sleepwalker, and still am, so they always locked my door after I went to bed every, I couldn't use the bathroom as there wasn't one in my room...

    Anyhow, my adult bed was a waterbed (no pun) so I didn't need a mattress cover...

    Memories of berate ment and shamming were a big much so that I started making money doing all sorts of things to buy my own protection, and handle it myself...and once I did there wasn't another word spoken about it...

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    I remember from when I must have been 2-3 my mom holding up a pull-up and a pair of underwear (I think the underwear had mickey mouse on it) and asking me which one I wanted. I pointed at the pull-up, but she asked me again in such a way that I could tell I wasn't supposed to pick the pull up, so I changed my selection.

    Then I remember when I must have been 5-6 trying on a bunch of old baby diapers in the early morning while everyone was sleeping (for some reason there were a bunch laying in a basket in my closet). My little sister ran into my room, saw what I was doing and thought it was so funny she had to run and wake up my parents to tell them about it. I'd hidden everything by the time my sister dragged my mom in and the event was laughed off (my sister was still too young to be very coherent).

    Then when I couldn't have been too much older, I found a diaper that had been left on a doll and was actually big enough to fit me. I'd sneak it into the bathroom, wear it for a few minutes, slip it off and then sneak it out again. One day I decided to pour water in it to see how it felt (it felt amazing), but then realized I'd made a big mistake since I had no way to get rid of it (plus it was the only remaining diaper in the house that I knew of). I ended up hiding it in my sister's closet hoping it'd dry out, but my mom found it a few days later. I found out she found out because I heard her interrogating my younger sister as to what it was doing in her closet and if it had been peed in. In what I'm pretty sure was the first time I can remember lieing, I walked in and told my mom that I had been mad at my sister and decided to pour water in the diaper and leave it to be discovered so that my sister would get in trouble (I'm still pretty damn impressed with myself for coming up with something so elaborate and believable at the age of 6).

    Then there were was an open bag of pull-ups I found somewhere when I was about 10. I hid 2 of them underneath the bathroom sink (there was a drawer that pulls out that I placed them under). I'd go into the bathroom and put them on. Then one day the sink overflowed and they were discovered and thrown out without comment as my parents disassembled the sink in order to let everything dry out.

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