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    I am trying to find a solid provider for my products. Where do you guys buy your products. Preferably something with live chat/phone number to help me pick the right product for me. Thanks for the help!

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    The only place I've ever ordered abdl supplies from is Amazon.

    They're alright but won't exactly give you advice on what to choose.

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    Stacy, you are in the incontinence thread. Are you talking about incontinence supplies or AB/DL supplies?


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    Stacy, from reading some of your other postings, I think you are asking about incontinence products. However, please tell us the nature and severity of your incontinence.

    I use and recommend XP Medical, whose owner, Gary, is himself incontinent and will provide valuable advice about diapers, diaper covers, etc. I also use and recommend NorthShore Care. These are solid and reliable vendors. For most other incontinence-related products I use Amazon Prime except for onesies, and cloth diapers.

    I use Fetware for my onesies and for my cloth diapers (I use prefold gauze diapers fastened with pins).

    For diaper covers I like Gary products. I use their Gary Activewear PUL pants over disposable diapers. For PUL pants to wear over thick night-weight cloth diapers I use the No-Wick Hi-Back PUL diapers from Fetware (they also are manufactured by Gary).

    When super absorbency beyond a Dry 24/7 is required, such as for travel, I use Bambino Bellissimos, arguably the most absorbent disposable available.

    I am double incontinent and wear 24/7, cloth diapers at night with PUL pants. During the day I normally wear ConfiDry 24/7 plastic-backed diapers.

    I hope this helps. I'm sure you will receive lots of suggestions.


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    I use Hdis for my diapers. They work well and they auto reorder so I never run out. FetLife for the onsie is awesome

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    Quote Originally Posted by stacy122 View Post

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    That's like a tshirt that has a snap closure at the crotch. It can be useful to support a wet diaper and keep it in place.

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    I'm in a chair. So that's not really a problem

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    Quote Originally Posted by stacy122 View Post
    I'm in a chair. So that's not really a problem

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    There's a big difference between different levels of incontinence products. People, usually in predicaments like yours, usually depend on an insurance approved product. Typically, terrible products like Medline, First Quality, and Attend are the only choices you have with many insurance policies. Some give you a choice and some don't.

    If you're on Medicare/Medicaid you have no choice at all.

    If you're independently looking for a superior product, you have to look away from the Institutional brands. A couple of places to start would be Northshorecare and XP Medical (My personal choice). They offer brands that make most diapers in the medical field seem irrelevant.

    You haven't shared exactly what you are looking for in a product as people have personal preferences. People put other things like discretion, meaning thin, cloth backed, lowest noise and sacrifice by changing more often but more prone to leaks. You have others who would rather something that could last them through a work day and change less often. Price can be a factor.

    You can call any provider and they'll sell you anything. However, those I listed before are more personal than many companies out there. They'll give you a ton of information to find what's right for you.

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