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    so i just found out that Harris Teater a big food chain, has self-check outs. i am now excited to see if they sell good diapers because i think that self check outs are much easier to deal with than dealing with cashiers, what do you guys think?

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    Well, yeah. Although I haven't seen, nor heard of self-checkouts in my area before.

    But, eh! If it means dealing with less people, then I'm all for it!

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    I would love it but i've only seen self-check outs at Home Depot

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    The only thing about them is that they tend to be closed at odd hours of the night (which is when I tend to go). Though, I haven't bought diapers in person in a few years now.

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    my walmart has one its makes paying go a bit faster

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    Make sure you know how to work the self checkout before you try, I have used them before, and usally they break down on me.

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    I would have loved a self-checkout back when I first started buying them, but it's pretty irrelevant now. I'm not walking up and down each aisle of the store speaking in a declarative voice "I'm buying these diapers and I'm going to wear them!", but it just doesn't bother me much anymore. If there's a line, if they don't have a bag for them, if it's a woman or a man checker of any age, it just doesn't matter. It's almost funny how my diaper buying anxiety is now virtually non-existent and there aren't any good diapers to buy in stores. All that self-therapy gone to waste!

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    I love the self-checkouts with the touch screens. We got them at krogers in my area.

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    The ones at walmart have someone usually watching over all of them so its not ENTIRELY 'self' checkout. Whether or not their admin display will show what each register is ringing up I have no idea but I do know they watch over the checkouts for errors.

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    Most of our stores have those, although they break down with increasingly irritating frequency...

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