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Thread: Do you ever feel like you are too weird?

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    Default Do you ever feel like you are too weird?

    So I just found out one of my friends has a girlfriend now and it got me thinking. Does anyone ever feel like they'll never find a girl/boyfriend? I mean I like diapers, weird already, I like girl things, another layer of weirdness then there's the added trouble of finding a girl that you actually like. It all seems like with so much weirdness and the normal struggles of personal preferences, finding the right girl for me would be astronomical to achieve. There's also guilt like when I see a nice girl I instantly think that because I have weird desires that I don't deserve her or something. I've never had a girlfriend either which kind of adds to the depression of it all.

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    I was in love once.

    One of the things I learned from that experience is that love chooses you, not the other way around. It is something that just happens to you, and when it does, the details about the other person become just that -- details. They don't matter.

    My ex had no interest in diapers. But it was never an issue. In the end, she found it "cute" that I wanted them.

    So, what I'm trying to say is don't worry about it. Weirdness makes people more interesting.

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    To answer the initial question "Do you ever feel like you are too weird?", yeah. But then I remember, there is no normal. There may be norms, but you'd be surprised how different people are in their private lives. You and I act differently in public and so does everyone else. My advice, you shouldn't let yourself be down about things. Hey, I didn't have my first boyfriend until just two months ago. But we're not right for each other, so we're going to break up. But you know what? I'm not down about it, since break ups happen.

    You gotta hang in there HuggiesGuy, plenty of fish in the sea. And remember that everyone is pretty selfconcious too, the thing is to be yourself. If you get yourself a nice girl that's great and don't rush into anything too fast. Take it slow, see if you two are right for each other. Then begins the process of sharing more with each other and establishing a long term relationship.

    Let me know what you think.

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    I try not to think about what others think of me.

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    I would be willing to bet that many people who visit and use this site have in the past and still do experience feelings similar to the ones you've described. I know I have and still do on many occasions. With myself I often experience those feelings around other aspects of my life not just wearing diapers. It's important to remember that everyone in this world has aspects about themselves physically or mentally that they struggle to accept and that often some of the most seemingly confident and outgoing people have more insecurities then you would ever imagine. When it comes to dating try and look for people who are open minded and get to know them to a decent level before you open up about diapers etc would be my advice. In the past I've found love when least expecting it so try not to get to downhearted as you never know when it may come around.

    But of course being comfortable with who you are is important in all of this. This may or may not work for you but it's an exercise that has helped me so I'll suggest it. Take a piece of paper and on one side write down a quick list of what you consider weird about yourself that may act as barriers to relationships such as diapers and liking girl things. On the other side try writing down all your other interests, hobbies, good qualities, career aspirations, familial relationships and friendships anything you can think of that makes you you. Hopefully this will help you see that there's so much more to you as a person that could appeal to the right person out there. It's important to remember if someone can't appreciate you for the whole person you are and lets get hung up on minor details that don't harm anybody then they're probably not the right person for you.

    Hope at least some of that helps or makes sense.

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    Thanks for your advice everyone it helps. I guess it's just kind of gets me down because until now neither of us had a girlfriend before and now he has one and it kind makes me feel lonely as I don't have someone special like that yet. What you said BabyBobby83 was an interesting exercise because it was like a "flipside" or "two sides of every coin" kind of thing. Everyone has their differences and quirkiness but we all have other things about us that people look for in other people such as kindness, honesty and loyalty among other things.

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    When you find one of the right people, this won't even be the weirdest thing about you. Ideally, it'll be fun and wonderful.

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    I felt the same way, especially when I was in college. I solved the problem by having a boyfriend and that worked well at the time. I never told him about liking diapers, but he did buy me some nice things...ahem. I was also a classical musician at a famous east coast music conservatory, so weird was sort of normal.

    Upon graduating, I had to jump into the "normal's" world and that wasn't easy, but over time I learned how to disguise my true identity. What ever works I suppose.

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    I was trying to think hard about a way to respond to this topic since it was posted just so I didn't say anything I felt was a mere lie to myself, but I certainly do feel like I am very peculiar in quite a few ways – not just being a DL. And it certainly does hinder the fact that I haven't found a significant other yet. It's been almost half a decade since I last had any sort of meaningful relationship, and even then our relationship was short-lived and intangible (I was e-dating).

    For one thing, I don't really care enough to go to bars and clubs, and no matter what people told me in anti-drug programs you might have taken in elementary or middle/junior high school, there really is this social stigma that comes with not being interested in those kind of activities. It's not just a matter of being in a comfort zone, I just don't know what kind of person I'll become if I get involved with that kind of thing. Plus, I feel as if the things I can talk about with the few friends I have in real life are greatly limited and there's only so much I can get into. Another thing is that I tend to miss social cues and curse myself out for doing it sometimes. A coworker of mine could tell me a joke and it'll completely fly over my head with my other coworkers laughing along. I laugh with them, but reluctantly because deep down I'm not sure if there will ever be an opportunity to actually speak in a manner to people that is considerably "normal".

    Nowadays, I alternate between telling myself that I'm numb to not being with anybody and telling myself that I hate not having a partner even though I have plenty of friends that I can fall back on. And it feels hard. Real hard. Now that I'm old enough to know that finding a partner is definitely not based on surface level, I only feel that it the entirety of the situation is just so much harder to deal with. I don't care enough to do online dating because I feel like I'm not casual enough for that kind of thing: I'm looking for a serious relationship, and considering how many people are on online dating sites for mere casual hookups, I feel very alienated because I'll likely only be suited for traditional matchmaking for quite a while. And I have little to no friends in real life, so that only makes it worse. And because I'm a DL, you would think that I'd be on a site like Fetlife or something, but that just doesn't fill the void. Nothing to me seems significant about simply fulfilling somebody's physical desires and leaving yourself feeling empty in the long run. You might feel good for a little bit, but satisfying a fetish only gets you so far before the ecstasy's gone. At least to me, to each their own.

    Yeah, I feel weird. Extremely weird. But I don't want to change my personality just to impress others around me. Though there are times that I'm very much tempted to do so. Which is why in the meantime I'm just biting the bullet and dealing with this shallow loneliness until I can save up enough to move out and hopefully try again doesn't get the better of me. As an adult, I realized that the punches people dish out because of how "weird" somebody is is a thing that I'm just going to have to deal with and get over.

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