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Thread: I had a dream that I was in diapers

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    Default I had a dream that I was in diapers

    And only diapers and I was being charged
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    Charges for what? Larceny? I'm only kidding, I've had dreams before where I've been diapered, it's nice

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    Quote Originally Posted by CookieMonstah View Post
    Charges for what? Larceny? I'm only kidding, I've had dreams before where I've been diapered, it's nice

    Its my 1st one well that I remember could mean one thing my urge to be diapperd is getting stronger

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    Dreams are your brain's way of stitching together recent memories into something that keeps the subconscious busy, while you get your restorative sleep. Obviously, if you're thinking about diapers in your life, or wearing, then that memory can be stitched into a dream. It's not a hard & fast rule, and I know someone will come on telling me that their dreams aren't about things that happened in their conscious lives, but generally speaking, if you can recall a dream, and examine it, you'll probably find some recent memories can & sometimes do play a part in their makeup.

    OK, so I studied dreams in college, and that's made me slightly more knowledgeable about the how's & whys. Keep a notepad right by your bed, and try to train yourself to wakeup at the end of a dream (rem sleep), and, if you can recall that dream, put it into some notes, then you can damn near remember it forever, BECAUSE you're bringing it into your conscious memories, where it can be recalled again & again.

    I've had many diaper dreams, the last of which I was at some type of outdoor carnival or fair, or something similar, with my wife. She had walked off to check something, and the next thing you know, three people (two girls and a guy) had come up to me, and asked me if I was wearing a diaper. I wasn't, but before I could say a thing, I was knocked down, my clothes were all removed, and I was quickly thrown into a poofy diaper & plastic pants, against my will. I was mortified! As quickly as they had arrived on the scene, they were gone, along with my clothes, leaving me there exposed to all. My wife soon found me there, and was wondering what the hell had happened to me. I couldn't vocalize or speak to answer her, so, still mortified, she dragged me, fully diapered, off to the car, where the dream sort of broke up...

    I get to keep that memory now, since I did the recall thing, and brought it into my conscious mind. It's kind of neat when it happens, but it's no surprise to find yourself in a diapered dream, since, if you're like me, you're thinking about them all the time. My wife is fairly vocal during her dreams, and since I drive with people that haven't a clue about my diaper desires, I pray to God that I'm not vocalizing about diapers in my dream state. THAT would be very hard to explain...

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    I think it's safe to say that almost everyone here on ADISC has had a diaper dream at least once.

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    In many of my more resent dreams, I'm diapered. Sometimes I'm a student back in school. I'm either looking for a bathroom, or a certain class, etc. and at some point, I realize I'm wearing a diaper. It's a little weird.

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    In my opinion these are probably memories from your childhood, I can still remember being a baby and being changed by my nanny or my pearents at the age of 18 months old in 1981/82.

    Although I am going to be moving into care with Mencap a charity in the UK that deals with people who have disabilities and am going to have a personal care assessment done as well which will mean getting reassessed from the doctors and hopefully this time I will get the right outcome and have a carer who understands that I need to be in diapers/nappies for my disabilities and my comfort.

    Your picture of a teenager being diapered is quite appt because I used to work at a hospice as a volunteer and not everybody wants to be in diapers and for some its humiliating and for others well we just accept it for what it is, I've never been a patient in a hospice but if it ever came to that I wouldn't mind that one bit as long as I was treated with respect and dignity whilst being placed in diapers.

    Obviously the next time I will be in diapers will either be then or when I eventually get old, or if I get asked about options before my upcoming hospital operation to my feet this November or December I'll keep you up to date as to what happens.

    Anyway got to go now

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    I had embarssing dreams where I went to school when I was younger, get dressed for P.E and I was wearing a drynite and everybody laughed at me

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    Ah, the old wearing a diaper at school dream. Been there, done that. In my dream nobody notices that I am wearing nothing else.

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    Actually that's quite a common dream, as its usually a memory that is deeply buried in your subconscious mind from your early or late childhood years, I myself have similar dreams when not having horrific nightmares which are caused by having ptsd which I am trying to get help for.

    I actually can remember the feeling and sights of being diapered as a real baby back in the early 1980's and my first memories started when I was only 14-18 months old, and now that I have disabilities I am going to try to go into care with a charity called mencap once I move out of my relatives house and find a new paid job in the UK as I was made redundant last year.

    Hopefully if I do go into care I might get the chance of being diapered again not that I want to be a baby again but if it comes to the fact that I have to wear diapers for the rest of my life then I won't say no as I find that I am more independent and relaxed with a diaper on myself.

    I am also due in for surgery on my feet this November or December to correct a deformity that I have had since I was born all those years ago, if I am given the option of having a diaper or a catheter then I will ask/request for a adult sized diaper whilst I am unconscious during my operation and probably during my recovery from surgery which will take up to 6-8 weeks during which time I will be immobile I might wear adult diapers.

    Follow your dreams if your body is telling you that you shouldn't have been out of diapers then listen to it and if you need to back to wearing them in real-life then get yourself reassessed from a doctor or psychologist depending upon the outcome you might be able to make your dreams come true although within reason.

    Yours sincerely


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