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Thread: being caged and catheterization

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    Cool being caged and catheterization

    Hi all

    I been thinking about be put in to a chasing cage that has a built in silicone catheter wich is 19 mm in length so it will go right into me.

    If I do this, will being catheterisation make me become incontinent?
    Will I need to be diapered 24/7 ?

    I never been put in a chastity cage before. So I don't know what it is like.

    Does anyone have experience of being in a chastity cage?

    I am an Asexual and I have been thinking about this becouse I really don't like it when my body misbehaves itself and becomes aroused.

    Thank you for any help.


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    I assume that since you're talking about a cage that you're anatomically still male. Obviously while the catheter is in place you will be incontinent (or you're doing it wrong). The biggest issue with catheters (other than injury due to not inserting/removing it properly) is infection. This can can cause all sorts of problems including pain, incontinence or the opposite, the inability to go.

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    Thank you Willnotwill for you really. And yeah I still thinking if I get this done to myself.

    Just a quick question you say that you're anatomically still male. Does this stop me being a male?

    If I understand what you are saying that the cage will stop me sexually then that fine. I am asexual any way with low sex drive.

    I kind of like the idea of become as a toddler would be. As I am happyist when I let my self go into that mind set of being a 4 year old.

    And it is my hope being caged and catheterization would do this for me.

    I was wondering if anyone has had experience in this. And could tell me what it is like.

    Thanks Sisi

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    After very serious back surgery, I had to catheterize myself for about 6 weeks until the swelling went down, taking pressure off the nerves in my spine, and I could pee again. I reused the same catheters which meant that they had to be boiled so that they would be sterile. There is a high chance of getting a UTI when one has to catheterize.

    A nurse showed me how to catheterize myself, and it was an uncomfortable feeling, to say the least. If you don't do it correctly, you could do damage. I think most people on this site, including myself, would recommend you not do it as your are risking infection and damaging your ureter.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sisi View Post

    [...] I still thinking if I get this done to myself.

    [...]Does this stop me being a male?

    [...] I am asexual any way with low sex drive.

    I kind of like the idea of become as a toddler would be.
    [...] it is my hope being caged and catheterization would do this for me.

    [...] tell me what it is like.

    Thanks Sisi
    To be more to the point, Sisi...

    Catheterization is technically a medical procedure... though it is done for non-medical uses too; we cannot medically advise you to do this.

    You will still be male regardless of catheter use or not.

    The chastity cage may do more harm than good, especially should you get a particularly determined erection while wearing it. (if nothing else, the pain it can cause will bring more attention to that area.)

    You say that you have a low sex drive so, I'm not sure what is causing your distress... I think that simply finding a distraction or thinking of something quite off-putting, may be a better solution for you.

    Erections can occur at any age, it's not simply restricted to adults and, it says nothing about any particular desire... it's kind of like getting the goose-bumps when you get cold, it's a natural reaction.

    To emphasize what others have warned; you can do serious injury and/or become quite ill from improper use of urinary catheters!

    ...and, it is typically quite uncomfortable.

    Perhaps you could ring-up your doctor or a nurse help line, to get some practical medical advise - if you're not convinced to forgo this idea by now...

    Best of luck to you,

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    Thank you everyone for your advice. It has been very help full.

    Thinking like this for me what another Little called it the gray part of being Little.

    Which Crosses over from the ABDL to sadismo, the act of give another person some control over you. So you don't have the responsibilities of being an adult for a while. How ever be a sub to a Dom. There is this gray area of what is healthy.

    I don't have a P Dom and was looking at this product to do it for me.

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	rBVaEVclolqAf8D6AAJHXxTny_0682(2).jpg 
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    Anyway thank you for all your help


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    It's your decision in the end, but if you do, you have to do everything in very sterile conditions. I suggest getting some sterile lubricant, and some way of cleaning all bacteria from the area before insertion. If possible then a friend who has medical experience in doing something like this would be useful too. My medical training is the only reason I do it myself / am trusted by others to do it for them.

    As I said in my last post, coincidentally, one time I did it I got a rather nasty UTI from it. You have to be very careful to keep it all sterile, drink lots to keep the pee diluted, and you will need to change your diapers lots. If you wear one too long, bacteria will build up, and then there's a tube that goes straight up your penis, keeping an open passage right to your bladder where you can become very ill. If you get am infection, go straight to your doctor for antibiotics, because if it gets worse and spreads to your kidneys or further, people can actually die from this!

    Also, whether you are infected or not, the first time you pee after taking it out is going to HURT. You'll feel like you are pushing razor blades out through your penis.

    Seriously, if you can honestly sit there and say you want to go ahead still, then as I said it's your choice. But you have to know the risks and how something fun can become literally lethal.

    Also as a side note, for me, I tend to wear chastity devices long term but I certainly couldn't leave a catheter in more than a few days, and usually much less than that. So it kinda seems a waste to me. If it was me I would probably wear a separate chastity device and separate catheter, otherwise it would seem I'm not getting my money's worth IMO.

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    Having a catheter draining into a diaper rather than a bag is very likely to cause an infection. People do it and sometimes they get away with it and sometimes they have very embarrassing trips to the doctor.

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    The tube doesn't go into the bladder on this device, it's not meant to but you can purchase intermittent catheters to fit on the ends and can be removed separately.

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    I've played with catheters here and there it's sorta a fledgling fetish for me. A couple tips...

    Use a Foley catheter it will stay in place due to the balloon and better serve your cause, and watch a video on proper technique. YouTube has plenty of videos.

    Don't use too big a size, I've gone up over 20 fr a couple times when I was heavily doing sounds and catheters but now this is a once a month event for me a 16 is just fine and is considered a standard male size.

    As well as drinking lots of water to wash out any bacteria in the catheter, also drink cranberry juice or take cranberry pills they will help prevent a UTI. But keep in mind un proper sterile technique is the best way to get an infection and if you touch the cath on somthing not sterile it won't matter how much cranberry juice you drink you'll end up with an infection.

    Consider using a collection bag to keep a closed system, you'll still be incontinent but you won't be wetting your diapers, this might negate the point of this exercise but it'll go a long way in preventing a UTI.

    If you don't use a collection bag and let the catheter end drain directly into a diaper, do not! Mess your diaper. It'll provide a direct route for bacteria to enter your bladder from your bowels no Bueno!

    If you want to do this its not as un safe as people say if you are a generally healthy person you will most likely be fine, your body can handle some bacteria on its own .I've never had any issues but I'm a paramedic and I'm pretty well versed in sterile technique and infection control.

    Be careful, use proper technique, take cranberry pills and have fun.

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