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Thread: What is the possibility...? (Parent-child relationship with people)

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    Default What is the possibility...? (Parent-child relationship with people)

    In the adult baby world what is the possibility of finding someone to sort of unofficially adopt you as an adult and have a non-sexual, parental relationship with you? Has anyone known of any instances where people have found others who have given them this? Maybe for example a couple who can't have children and a person who wants to be cared for like a child.

    I personally, would love to find this relationship with someone, but I don't know if where I am looking is a good place to start. I am currently looking online at DD/LG DM/LG communities but these seem so sexual. Are they the only places I can look for a non-sexual parent-child relationship with someone?

    Thank you guys.

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    Almost anything is possible but I think it's a matter of the odds. Relationships involve give and take. Intimate relationships typically involve intimate give and take. While they are out there, the person who is "fed" in a relationship sense by having someone dependent on them and simply caring for them are pretty rare and will also have their pick of people like yourself.

    My caregiving is pretty non-sexual despite diapers being very sexual for me (it can be entirely so based on preference). That said, I don't see myself seeking a dependent even if money were no object. Never say never but it seems to me that sort of relationship would wear thin, even as I don't really seek much care for myself. I'm enough of an adult that I prefer my relationships to be adult with vacations into "babyland" rather than permanent residence. I hope you will find something that works for you but I think that you may have better luck by determining what elements are most important to you and maximizing your opportunities.

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    I found a daddy for my innerkid. Our relationship is online but he still reparents me. I, as adult me, have worked out with him rules and consequences that I find helpful. We use a habit tracker called Habit RPG. I think it helps that my little is preschool age and therefore doesn't need some of the physical care that a baby would. As far as discipline we do lines which can be e-mailed or time out on web cam.

    I found my keeper on a written punishments group. I will ask dad for the link so I can post it here if you like ( it's changed since I was last there. So I no longer know the URL).

    I think the key is work on finding a best friend first. Look outside of ABDL. As you become close with someone they will want to know more about you and you can begin to slowly show your little side.

    Hopefully, they will want to feed your spirit ( by caring for your little at times).

    Just don't forget they will need their spirit fed too. It's important to have adult to adult time. Also, find out what feeds their spirit and do it often.

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