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Thread: Tuck or No Tuck

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    Default Tuck or No Tuck

    Just curious if anyone tucks in all the excess plastic from the diaper? I used to tuck all of it in from front to back for fear of discovery. Lately I've experimented with leaving the back untucked and it seems like I've been getting a better fit and they feel a little more comfortable. I still tuck in on the sides and the front.

    Just curious on what everyone else does.

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    I never tuck

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    Unless I'm sleeping in it, I always tuck in the legs for freedom of movement. Typically also the sides, as they can ride up when you're not expecting it. I remember being in a grocery store checkout line many years ago with a rambunctious kid and parent in front of me. During the wait, I got to wondering if he was still in diapers or not. Well, after exiting the store I look down and probably 4 inches of my diaper side had worked its way out, flapping in the breeze, although possibly not visible under my t-shirt. Whoops. It was me who was still in diapers!

    I typically always wear a brief with spandex over my diaper and shove everything below the waistband, but the back always pops out no matter what you do.

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    I would tuck if I was putting clothes over but last night going to bed I did not. Holy cow those north shore premiums hold allot. Keep in mind I have been on the fringe of this for all of my life. Just now able to act out openly. Or should I say without fear of being caught.

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    I never tuck either.

    I always wear something over my diaper like boxers and I wear XL t-shirts anyway.
    But then I only occassionally wear in public.

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    I've never understood why some diapers have so much material below the tapes. It serves no purpose at all, and just gives an otherwise trim-fitting diaper a somewhat loose feel and appearance. I usually tuck that stuff up and under, but it never takes long for it to work its way back out.
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    I like to trim off all the excess material on diapers with some scissors. It makes for a really nice fit, and in some cases can really improve how a diaper fits and protects. It always astounds me how much material I trim off. There is usually about four inches off the top back and front and another several inches from the bottom of the wings. I usually trim the bottom of the wings in a nice curve that makes the fit a bit more nicer than just a straight edge.

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    Tuck... Oh the plastic.... Never.

    I think it's cuter to see the plastic and if it's tucked in it can be a cause of perspiration and l would worry would cause leaks.

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    Interesting question. I do end up tucking most of the time even though it is for me much more comfortable not tucking. As Llayden mentioned, if there is really a lot of extra material, I will also sometimes cut the excess off. I bought a pack of Abinas in large when a medium is the correct size. Cutting the excess off and a bit of creative taping helped make it usable. Still tuck though when going out in public regardless of fit. Just don't like the idea of anything sticking out.

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