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Thread: [WIP] Diaper Cost Spreadsheet For ABDL/Popular Medical Websites

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    Default [WIP] Diaper Cost Spreadsheet For ABDL/Popular Medical Websites

    Alright guys. After doing some work I have a spreadsheet still in early development. How ever I did get ABU added to it. I will be adding more. For right now. How ever down the road I will add the more popular medical websites the abdl community purchase from. If you guys would be oh so kind and give me a list of ABDL/Popular Medical Diaper websites. I can then go through them and add them to the spreadsheet.

    Here is the link!

    Let me know what you guys think. If you have any suggestions be sure to leave them and I will do my best to add them if they sound good!

    List of websites

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    ugh that is annoying. I can't edit the first message... Well that sucks....

    As a side note for big websites like walmart and tranquility. I will only be adding the diapers very popular with in our community. For instance tranquility I will add the atn more then likely only. With walmart I will only add molicare etc.

    Thanks for the additional websites I have added them to the things to add list!

    New Website List: - Completed - In-Adding-Process

    Neat little fact. You can only edit posts a certain time after they are posted... kinda not cool for this instance but hey what ever...

    hey just for a little help guys could you possibly rank these diapers on a scale 1-5 5 being the best. And leave what you think in a reply. It would help out a lot. I more then likely will be adding stawpoll links into the rank and absorbency coloums later if I do not get enough input. Meaning the more the page is viewed the more user input it will get!
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    I would love to see this spreadsheet finished!

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