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Thread: Interesting... Tena updated their unisex underwear.

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    Default Interesting... Tena updated their unisex underwear.

    This one was interesting to me. I went out to a Walmart today and found myself a pack of Tena Underwear. I was intending to get some of the cheaper Equate branded fitted briefs but figured I go for something easier to wear and change when I'm out and about.
    The underwear appears to have been redesigned. The leg gathers feel closer and more snug against my skin. I did a quick sitting-down wetting test and found that nothing leaked out. But it isn't like it was a flood or something, which I will update about when I do that.

    The rest of the underwear also feels more snug and moves with me better with less outward bulge than the last design did. It feels pretty good and secure. Will update upon more use.

    According to Tena, the core is stronger, the leg gathers are as said above, and softer which I can't quite attest to without the ability to check both designs side-by-side, but I'll take their word for it.

    Do any of you use Underwear as opposed to just diapers when out and about? Let me know.

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    I don't use pull-ups so much when "out and about", but sometimes for periods in-between diaper changes, and definitely when exercising. I started running again recently and dug out some of the original (?) "Depends for Men" white pull-ups. I'd never worn them while running
    (under black lycra shorts) and was surprised how well they work. I've read complaints about how pull-ups can chafe, but that isn't my experience at all...even when I'm soaked. I also don't think they've ever leaked a drop, although when you're drenched with sweat that can be hard to tell.

    Unfortunately the white variety was phased out long ago and I'm concerned their replacements may come with a number of downsides: less absorbent, less coverage, rougher, etc. Without going to premium brands, what do you consider the best disposable underwear?

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