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Thread: thinking of moving into a nursing home

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    Default thinking of moving into a nursing home

    I am so tired of not getting the care I need. I am seriously thinking of moving to a nursing home.

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    Quote Originally Posted by CPDude View Post
    I am so tired of not getting the care I need. I am seriously thinking of moving to a nursing home.
    It doesn't have to be a nursing home. If you're frustrated with the lack of care that you're receiving, keep looking. You can also look in to assisted living. It's basically similar to nursing homes except you're in an independent studio apartment like room. I don't know the severity of your CP, only you can determine that.

    I'm sorry that you're going through this. I don't know what kind of system that you're using regarding your disability. If you're having problems with caretakers, you have the right to find the right people for this. Don't be afraid to voice yourself. They are YOUR employee. What kind of money do they make? If I were closer to you, I'd learn and take care of you. I can only imagine what you're going through, although I have a cousin with CDLS mental and physical disorder, and can feel the looks and giggles and i have to keep my emotions in check. The feeling of being treated as if you're not human and they never take the time with patients and interact with them. You just have to find the right person that has their heart in their job, and not treat it as such.

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    I am with an agency where they pay people too little and I can't find people who want to work critical evening and weekend hours. My family is getting older and it is getting harder to meet my needs when my caregivers are not with me. As I age, my needs are heading toward 24/7. I have not woke up dry in decades.

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    This is just an idea that popped in to my head.

    The first question would be, do you live near a university?

    This might be far fetched, if you have a place with multiple rooms, would you consider renting a room to someone really cheap or free to a med student in exchange for nights and weekends care? The agency caretakers can do the brunt work during the work week and the student can be there and perhaps can be under the payroll of said agency while residing there. It would be a great benefit for them. It's a win win for them. They can get extra money, and have a cheap place to live while going to college. Of course you'd share some of the bills with them as well.

    There's something to mull over as an alternative if you don't want to be in a nursing home.

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