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Thread: lower rise diaper

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    Default lower rise diaper

    I am wondering if any of you know of any lower rise diapers. I'm looking for something that is easier to hide under my jeans. The diapers I have go way above the waist of my pants, and most of the time i don't have my shirt tucked in. If I roll down the top of the diapers I have they will come unrolled as I move and start to rise above my waist.
    I know most of you want them to rise above your waist. I'm just looking for options, and a reason to buy more diapers........

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    Kiddo especially are low rise diapers.

    Snuggies waddler overnight also fairly low rising.

    Drynites obviously are low rise.

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    depends used to be better when they were plastic but still very low rise

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    Thank you for the info.
    I really want some of those Kiddo diapers but to get them in the states would be about $8 per.

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    I don't know what your size is, but I wear the S4 small Abenas instead of the medium for this exact reason. The smalls are maxed out at a 34" waist, but they have a very low rise if you can fit into them and are ok with cloth backed.

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    Out of curiosity, which makes/models did you find rose too high? I was faced with this question just a few weeks ago. I'd dug out my old plastic-backed Abena M3's and was confused that they came to my belly button. I've since bought packs of various name brands and was pleased that most varieties fell low enough to be reasonably discrete. The exception was the Seni brand (at least the Super Plus), where the waistband (not the padding) fell well above my belly button. I'm 5' 11" with a 32-inch waist, so YMMV.

    BTW, if "usable, inexpensive, and discrete" are your main criteria, consider Tranquility's ATN's. These were among my samples and have a very low rise. I don't often walk around the house in just my diaper, but after tucking in the waist and legs a bit, these were cut close enough to Hanes/Fruit of the Loom tighty whities that it felt really natural.

    BTW, something just occurred to me. What is with the old guys who wear their pants really high? Could they be, err, hiding something?

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    Thank you. For your insight. Currently I have North shore supreme M I know kinda thick to be discrete. Also ATN's in a medium. I haven't been using while out and about, but you never know. I have been wearing a Goodnight L/XL . Just because I like the feeling. I do have some I'd slip maxi's coming. Oh also have some abena m4's. I am building up a stash as just told my very understanding wife.

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    Yes, I saw your other post. Sounds like fun times. I just reconnected with my Internet BF (albeit through another board), so am feeling pretty lucky, too!

    A short review of the ID Slips: I got a batch of these last week and was testing them on Friday (?). The crotch is really, really wide, and while the Abena M4's may feel similarly, those get more pliable with wear. When wet, the ID Slips get even thicker. I went outside to discard some trash and briefly helped a new neighbor move some furniture into their apartment. While walking sideways, the thickness between my legs was such that I lost my balance, fell, and skinned my right knee pretty badly. Will probably mostly wear them at night, although my nighttime fave is still the Dry 24/7's.

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    I forgot, I also have some rearz safari coming. My wife saw a picture and said "They are cute, you should get some"
    I haven't seen them yet but don't think they are going to be very discrete. If they fit my wife, I will order some princess for her.

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