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    Ever just get so frustrated with your body? Just one of thos days with bladder pains and lots of leaks. Got to much to do this weekend to be stuck in bed ><

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    That's me everyday

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    Yes! Constantly wetting my diaper is something that I practically don't pay attention to anymore. I get so busy that there are plenty of times I'm not even aware of how wet I am. It's the days when I'm pooping myself silly that I just throw my hands up and say WTF? Only an incon person can understand this. Thank God for diapers.

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    Just a little bit of context setting by way of a personal recollection. Having a wetting problem as a youngster allied with a parent who was very strict and kind of indicated that "accidents" meant I wouldn't be loved or wanted left me very sensitive about incon.
    While I was at school a family I knew had a relative who was virtually confined to bed because of bladder/bowel incontinence because (basically) it was so much easier to manage if the poor person was not mobile. This was long ago before modern pads and diapers were available and the sight of 48 inch square cloth nappies filled me with dread. I really thought I would want to end my life if that happened to me.

    Many years later it did happen to me but by then adult diapers etc had changed things for the better and although it was hard to come to terms with using protection,it was possible and no longer do families keep incontinent relatives out of sight because of the acute embarrassment they felt about a leaky or poopy member of the family.

    So like others I do thank God for diapers, and especially for the improvements of the last 40-50 years.

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