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Thread: Recovery Disk/Reinstalling Windows Vista

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    Default Recovery Disk/Reinstalling Windows Vista

    I want to reformat my hard drive. When I bought my computer (a Toshiba), though, they didn't give me a copy of Windows Vista, they gave me a Recovery and Applications disk. It says that it will re-format everything, but I don't know if it will re-install Vista or if I have to have a disk for that, too. I have my Vista CD key.

    I tried googling it but I didn't get a clear answer. Probably because I'm being dumb and it's obvious, but I wanted to make sure before I try it. If I re-format my HD with my Recovery Disk, will I have to re-install Vista separately?

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    Recovery Disk , re installs yours OS in full .. Vista to its Factory state when you bought the computer !
    It Will Re Install Everything and clear any Data You may have on Already .. if there is files you need back them up Before you proceed to this ,

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    Yeah, it should reinstall your OS as well. Like 2low said, if there's anything you want to keep, make sure you back it up to a CD or flash drive or else it will be gone.

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    When I re-installed Vista I had to call M-soft for another key.

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    First what kind of Toshiba do you have? My Toshiba came with two disks recovery 1 and recovery 2. I used them to reinstall vista on my machine.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mazman12 View Post
    First what kind of Toshiba do you have? My Toshiba came with two disks recovery 1 and recovery 2. I used them to reinstall vista on my machine.
    Same with me. I have a Toshiba A215 laptop, or something to that effect.

    Thanks, guys. ^^

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    When using an OEM CD that came with the laptop, you shouldn't have to enter a key. It should also be pretty simple to do.

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    Butterfly Mage


    The hillarious thing is that my new laptop didn't come with recovery discs. Instead, I had to use a utility to burn my own set. What a joke!

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    Usually I will format my HDD just to clean the clutter every once in awhile, the recovery CDs should work that they gave you to reinstall the disk. Most computer manufacturers also have downloadable ISOs, to re-format/re-install the OSs on your computer once the formatting is complete. Also note that if you have trouble with any serials, you can usually enter the serial that is on the sticker on the back of your computer (or under if laptop), during OSs installation.

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    If you have an actual Windows disc, you have 2 options:

    (1) reformat and reinstall


    (2) just reinstall

    There really is no reason to ever choose option 1 unless your hard disk (not just your Windows install) is corrupted. When you reinstall, it wipes out your Windows installation, and you have to reinstall all your programs. However, all your data is intact. You lose nothing but time. When you reformat, you lose everything that wasn't backed up. Even if your computer has a virus, reinstalling will fix the problem because it puts a clean operating system on it, ensuring the virus does not load on startup. Then you can download and install antivirus software to clean up any infections in your other files, and download the drivers from the manufacturer's website There is almost NO reason to EVER reformat.

    Here's a little secret with Vista: all versions (Home, Business, Ultimate, etc., and even OEM, Retail, and Upgrade) will install from the same disc. So all you need to do is get yourself an ISO for Vista and you can use your CD key to reinstall it any time you need to. Never reformat again. And no, I'm not suggesting piracy. It's perfectly, 100% legal to have install media as long as you have a valid license key. An ISO is legal as long as you have a key for it. Also, 64-bit uses the same license keys as 32-bit. Want to upgrade to 64-bit when you reinstall? Just get the 64-bit ISO.

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