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    I feel like sometimes I want this and I want that, it's like I want loads of toys at once or want attention NOW! I feel selfish and greedy, is it because I have thrown away my toys in the past and there is so much to get back. Have I just become emotionally immature? Sometimes I feel frustrated when I can't get something I want but I never show it. I never had little attention after the age of 7 so that a long time I suppose.

    Is my feelings of selfishness valid or is my need or want for things now understandable?

    Can any body relate to this, I have enough but I feel like I need more because I only have a toy box half filled, a few jigsaw, books and crayons. Man, I feel so greedy!

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    Yeah same and I'm very impulsive with spending habits myself. As I can't save money for long, as there's always something I want to buy.,,
    Whether its games,diapers,blu-rays/dvds,clothes,nail varnish,hair dye,etc.

    Oh if I can't get something I want I get jealous and moody.

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    I think you're feel too guilty to yourself, I understand how it feels less attention by others, selfishness itself is a natural for every human being, but it all depends on yourself how you control it. You can be better than what's happening to you and also you should know that what yourself have today is more than enough than those who don't have anything at all, appreciate everything you've got and I'm sure someday you'll get what do you want to don't intend to have everything and comparing what you have with the other has. Remember everyone has their own limits on what they have and it was more than enough to them if they can appreciate it, the only way to get what things do you want, is to be patient, do your best and have positive thinking.

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    I can find I can wait, but it gets annoying sometimes, like I am annoyed at myself for throwing away my toys but i am sure my mom would not of wanted me to keep my toys so I felt like I had to

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    I know exactly how you feel, I got rid of a bunch of toys to charity when I thought I didnt need them anymore when I was a kid and I have regretted it ever since! so I am buying those toys back again as an adult because they mean a lot to me. Well, buy as much as possible.

    What I suggest is making a list of your super favourite things that you want more than anything in the world haha that you can afford and keep it fairly short and prioritise them

    You will feel more fulfilled buying the things that matter to you most first so that you may feel happy enough not buying some other stuff that was lower on the list If you really want it and love it, you will value having it more. And you will love your space more because it will be filled with all of your favourite things! *thinks of the favourite things song from Sound of Music*

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    aww thanks. That's one way of thinking about it!

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    no you're not at all greedy its ok you are more in depth with your little side just try to forget about it. babies and toddlers always want more toys and throw tantrums
    when they don't get there own way its perfectly normal. you just got to tell yourself "im a baby/toddler and this is what babies/toddlers do

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