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Thread: I like watching "HELLO KITTY"!

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    Default I like watching "HELLO KITTY"!

    I feel a bit ashamed, but I admit that I like to watch my "HELLO KITTY" Cartoons on DVD.
    HELLO KITTY is all about being kind, nice, and good.
    I watch her when I feel the world is too mean and nasty.
    I am being a good crippled and autistic little boy this afternoon.
    HELLO KITTY is my friend.

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    There is nothing to feel ashamed about, I never watched hello kitty and I though it was just a. Brand on toys and merchandise for some reason. I should search it up one day and have a look at it. Nursery rhymes have the same effect on me as your hello kitty does for you. It reminds me I am safe and gives me a warm fuzzy feeling in my chest and I feel little instantly.

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    I love Hello Kitty :3. Nothin wrong with watchin it.

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    Agreed, nothing wrong with watching any cartoon that you like.

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