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Thread: Using a cotton feel diaper as stuffer for plastic diaper ?

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    Default Using a cotton feel diaper as stuffer for plastic diaper ?

    I was thinking of using a cotton feel diaper or pants as a stuffer for a plastic diaper IE Bambino or ABU space/simple
    I was looking at lille supreme fit as I can get them cheap and I can fit in their medium then wear a large space or teddies over top epically at night as I tend to pee a lot
    What's your thought's ?

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    That's about the only use I'd have for diapers with clothlike covers. Unfortunately, I'm not a big fan of layering or even of stuffers since they tend to raise the likelihood of leaks. The bulk can be fun once in a while but I generally prefer a thinner diaper.

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    I use baby nappies such as pampers with pinholes for stuffers if I wear not as absorbent diapers.
    There is no need for stuffers in rearz or abu little pawz though.

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    Diaper booster pads are the most ideal option when it comes to adding padding to a diaper. Multiple diapers (with holes) aren't the best thing. Once you soak the inner diaper, the chances of leaking will go up.

    Booster pads are cheaper than an additional diaper. It's more functional than a second diaper.

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    I find tena overnight pads work well as stuffers in diapers I generally use them in cheaper diapers though

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