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Thread: A crazy idea including a onesie and a time safe and a diaper

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    Default A crazy idea including a onesie and a time safe and a diaper

    I have been throwing around a crazy idea for a while now in my head. Now for this idea to actually be a thing I need clarification on a few things.

    On the baby cants onesies that little zipper lock thing. Is that like the locks on our jeans when its facing down it doesn't move and when its up it allows the movement. Or is it a actual like padlock. Where you open and close it with a key.

    2nd if you actually have to use a key. I plan on getting a small toy safe that you can set a time for. Basically you set amount of time you want it locked and it stays locked. Its pretty cool but pretty expensive.

    You combine a diaper in the fun well. You can say its near impossible to get out of the diaper until that little timer goes off. Haha. I figured it would be good fun. Lock my self in a diaper after using the toilet for the night. And stuff a diaper with a little excess padding. Set that time for like 13 or 14 hours. After the 8 hours of sleep you still have 5 hours to spend in a nice wet diaper. Should be loads of fun. For the fact I wont be able to masturbate in that time. Then again that all comes down to the fact it is actually a key locking onesie haha. My fingers are crossed!

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    Sounds fun but make sure to have a back up key somewhere that does not rely on technology. I guess worst case scenario here is massive embarrassment over needing help, cutting up the onesie, and possibly a diaper rash from the time.

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    yea I mean there are many ways to escape the prison. The little safe is plastic. All I would need to do is break it. That would be pretty simple. Also if it really comes down to it I could change the diaper. But there is no fun in that haha

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    Knock, knock, knock: it's UPS. Can you sign for this?

    Sounds like fun...teehee.

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    Well if you have a separate method of preventing ejaculation, if not, you don't need a hand.

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    this is true. How ever I am happy it will make masturbating difficult! Makes for a more fun adventure!

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    where do you get the onesie's from?

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    a better question is where do you get the safe from?

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    Both of which are very expensive and in turn will cost me $100 but will be so worth the countless experiences!

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