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Thread: good games for little mood

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    Default good games for little mood

    love playing video games and wonder if you have any recommendations for games when in a ABDL headspace. any platform will do but preferably xbox and PC.

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    Some kids game on the Internet or buy some PC games

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    Oh games like megadimension neptune VII are really fun when feeling little.


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    I think I accidentally deleted my reply. Orisinal games... Second Life... Neopets... Animal Crossing

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    Not sure if I have the commitment for second life but Orisinal is most of my night now.

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    Mickeys Castle of Illusion is a nice jump and run
    But they pulled it from digital distribution earlier this month. Maybe there are still keys on sale somewhere.

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    If I were feeling "little", I don't think I would be reaching for video games. I would much rather be playing Sorry, Clue, Battleship, Connect Four, Uno, Checkers, or Crossfire. I'm not much on age play, as it were, and definitely don't have an AB side but I sure do remember ten years old fondly and don't have many troubles being that immature when I want to be.

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