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Thread: Size 7 nappies or 6+ nappies in the UK

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    Default Size 7 nappies or 6+ nappies in the UK

    I know baby/toddler nappies are often frowned upon by some people on this site, and I understand why some people feel this wau. however I am thinking of trying toddler nappies. I am wondering if any shops sell size 7 nappies as I have been told by a DL friend that they could probably fit me (they fit him and he's larger than me). He used Liberos, however I cannot order online due to my living situation (e.g snoopy parents). I was also wondering how well do size 6+ fit, I'm a 30 inch waist.

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    I think I may be the same size but I have not idea, I just roll with it! They should do, I tend to modify them by cutting the sides off a used drynite and stapling them so the sharp bit is on the outside and make sure they are down. I staple the tapes on the ends and it should fit but you may need to measure and it takes trial and error.

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    No it doesn't, 6+ is slightly bigger than size 6.
    6+ is like size 7 nappies.
    Although pampers does size 7 but not in the UK.

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    Quote Originally Posted by yurguardianangel View Post
    No it doesn't, 6+ is slightly bigger than size 6.
    6+ is like size 7 nappies.
    Although pampers does size 7 but not in the UK.

    There are (and have been) quite a few Pampers "+" diapers (e.g. "6+") in the US over the years--store exclusives for places like Walmart, K-mart, Costco, etc. On the packaging, "+" was always followed by "extra absorbency" in tiny print. These diapers were identical in size to the non-plus diapers. I believe a member in the UK measured the 6+ at the same size as the UK size 6 diapers too, but things could certainly have changed for the better.

    On this side of the ocean, things seem to be changing for the worse, mostly. Pampers Cruisers size 7 is now smaller than Pampers Baby Dry 6, Extra Protection 6, and Luvs 6, so it's pretty worthless anymore. I posted the details here about a month ago. (I had a typo there, though: The Size 7 is now shorter by about a half an inch, not 3/4". They're 21-5/8 inches long versus a full 22 on those other size 6 diapers.) Size 7 was always kind of a joke here, because they were never any larger than the size 6 diapers. At their best, Pampers Cruisers had stretchier elastic than the other Pampers diapers, but those other diapers have all caught up.
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