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    Default Order has been made

    So today was kinda my big ABDL day where I've finally accepted this is part of me. So I went online & I've got a pack of special AB diapers coming, a snap shut onsie & paci & bottle. I'm just so exited

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    Good, I think that you'll find that indulging in your AB side will relieve quite a lot of stress. So what diapers did you order?

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    I'll upload photos once I've got the gear. and it's the full pattern ones from cuddlz( They're apparently amazing for being bulky and being just like baby nappies.

    I've just about to take and upload pics but i'm loving it so far.
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    Congrats! Have yoi checked out the little keeper sleeper?

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    yah but i'm gonna wait a bit before buying new stuff

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    Very cool! I need to buy a new Onesie soon

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