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    I was in heavy little space whilst taking a walk and suddenly I walked out into the road not looking where I was going and I nearly got run over! That's quite dangerous! Am I becoming dependant even though nobody has babied me? That was so scary I almost cried! I hope that never happens again, what are your scary moments in little space?

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    Perhaps you should talk audibly to your little self when going out and instruct her that she is to stay out of the street and any other important information. Talking to yourself helps to ingrain thoughts in both sides of the brain, and can be helpful.

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    Maybe she wanted to play in the street. Tell her no XD

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    As one whose little side is pretty much a separate personality, I can tell you this, you pretty much have to be the older sibling to them.

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    This has what has happened to me.

    I'm starting to completely forget to look left, right when crossing the road and around 3 times mummy has had to grab my wrist to stop me from getting myself ran over.

    You're in the same boat as me at this time. I'm trying to remember but most of the time it slips out of my mind.

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