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Thread: Hey guys I'm fianlly here

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    Default Hey guys I'm fianlly here

    so I originally started coming here to look at peoples experiences and messing tips and now I'm a lot more comfortable with the whole thing I though i'd finally make an account and get to know some people. I've just moved out and doing a university degree in Biomedical science. I'm massively nerdy (not that bad compared with some friends of mine) and love Warhammer 40k. I'm looking forward to meeting people and maybe a IRL meet if its doable. but enough ramblings

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    Hello there and welcome, for me I was college student of biotech science, so what's your other interest besides games? There's lot of people here can help if you had problems and i hope you enjoy at here.


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    Thanks. I just really want to meet more ABs maybe near me. I play probibly way to many video games but other than that & 40k I've not got a whole lot going on.

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