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Thread: I think I am wetting in my sleep already!

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    Default I think I am wetting in my sleep already!

    I am a little confused why I have started wetting in my sleep the past week. I am not scared but my theory is that because I don't associate the toilet for peeing in anymore and I forget to flush toilet paper down the toilet at times to make it look like I have been going to the bathroom in a toilet, I have peeing and forgetting if I have or not and sometimes the only way of finding out is by looking. I have not been worrying about going to a toilet and yesterday I found it easier to wet at college. I think I have started wetting pretty quickly and it said this happens after a year of 24/7.

    For evidence, I have found that I leaked a few times in places where I didn't think I wetted in and I decided to check my diaper this morning for curious it's and I found that the diaper I went to bed in was completely dry and I found I had peed in it this morning whilst I was sleeping, apart from the time I already peed in it but I was lying on my back and the phantom pee I found this morning was because I was on my side I suspect.

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    its possiable, if you wet the bed as a child you can redevelop bed wetting later in life and if you wear 24/7 and use your diaper for every wetting and #2 then your path to becoming diaper dependant will be faster.

    some people say they never have an issue with control others it takes a while and for some like you it seams they looes control faster,

    there will be a point you may not be able to stop wearing 24/7 or will have to work realy hard to regain control.

    Becarefull what you wish for you may get it and it looks like your wish to become diaper dependant is being granted.

    real life medical incontinence is not fun and is not something you should want but its your life and your choice just do your self a favor and really think about it be before its too late.

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    Well this is not really medical incontinence, but rather habitual incontinence. A lot more reversible than medical. The only physical effect being introduced is the lack of exercise on the sphincter muscles can cause atrophy, which can make recovery a lot of work, rather like toilet training a child. You can find it hard to control if you try. Some have reported that after doing 24/7 for a while they have induced habitual bed wetting that continues even after stopping the daytime use. At that point, they are not weakening the sphincter, but dealing with habitual incontinence. Such can then be addressed with a bed alarm, when you are ready.

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    I think I will be ok if not I am sure it's easy to regain those muscles and get back on track which is the beauty of non medical incontience.

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