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    I don't get how people put some of their favorite characters in diapers or dressed as babies. I just don't get it. For example Izumi Konata. I adore this character with all of my heart. I would honestly spent a entire year by her side and somehow this adore her. My own original characters can be diapered from start to end. On top of that lately I've been thinking, I want a girlfriend. At first it was a mommy/girlfriend relationship, but with the way our community is build I've been thinking more about a switch style relationship. I love the idea of being cuddled and even giving cuddling to a baby girl. I have a massive weakness when it comes to social interaction. Even when I like or have a crush on a girl I can't bring myself to talk to her or even ask her out. I'm honestly lucky to have as many friends as I do. I've only seen two girls I had any sort of attraction to, both basically used me for their own ends.

    Does anyone have any advice on how I can over come this crippling problem? I understand my chances of finding someone are limited and I still honestly think I'm meant to be alone, but there is and always have been a flicker of hope for that someone special.

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    Be yourself, and keep being hopeful, and take it slow in relationships.

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    Make yourself look good in the mirror. Keep looking at yourself till you love the way you look. Once you gain the conference that you look as great as you can be. It's time to flirt. Google flirting, learn the signs, make it a game and do your best to win. There's always a restart button. You can even jokingly press it if she doesn't like the direction your going. Making a girl laugh is normally a solid sign of a good connection.

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