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Thread: I Made My Own Bead Maze!

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    Default I Made My Own Bead Maze!

    Living with my parents means it can be hard to get toys. But all I needed was one cardboard box, some wire clothes hangers, and beads from a bird toy I had here to make my own. Lots of fun!

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    Well cool!!!

    I think that is awesome.

    It is things like this that I really appreciate. Part of the magic of creating things out of simple objects and toys that don't have to be the most expensive and elaborate contraptions manufactured by corporations.

    As a parent myself, I have experienced on more than one occasion where I have bought some fancy toy for my kids for a birthday or Christmas and then been fascinated as they have had more fun with the box it came in than the actual purchased toy. That is what I like about your creation KimbaStarShine. It is your own creation.

    Gives you a purple ribbon award.

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    I made one too, you gave me a idea! I used some of my moms beads out of her old sewing box, some Christmas wire ties, a piece of cardboard, blue tack to keep them in place and stickers
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