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Thread: First time wearing!

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    Default First time wearing!

    Currently have on an ABU SDK.....feels incredible. So happy I get to finally wear!!!!! I just wanted to share because I'm too excited!

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    any fun things to do while diapered?

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    Well congratulation there's nothing like a good snug diaper.

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    Thanks! now I finally get what everybody's talking about. Nothing better than a fresh snug diaper!

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    First time for real?

    And you have even gone the whole 9 yards and gotten a fabulous amazing beautiful snuggly diaper to make it terrific.

    Obviously the best thing to do now is watch some cartoons while drinking from a bottle!

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    first time, for REAL! and i also just wet for the first time. ahhhhhh. so warm and relaxing

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    The first time is such a magical experience

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    Congratulations I think it's fun to try on different clothing combos and see how the diaper shows through. If you dare, you could take a walk and try to wet along the way, that was a real rush the first couple times

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    There is nothing to beat that wonderful first releasing push out, then the spurt of warmth, especially if you are well-hydrated and it gushes around your most sensitive areas. Hope you keep getting the wonderful thrill as time goes on!

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