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Thread: Times when your diapers were exposed but people were cool about it?

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    Default Times when your diapers were exposed but people were cool about it?

    This came up in another thread I was on, but I'm kind of curious about it.

    I recently had an experience like this in a hotel as I described in the other thread, and also with my girlfriend and roommate after I told them about my nappies. Both of them were really cool about it even though they tease me every now and then. My friend also found out thanks to my bag smelling manky from used nappies and he just asked if I was okay.

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    I was helping a good friend with some yard work and my shirt rode up and exposed a few inches of the top of my diaper. My friend said "Hey, your Depends are showing." I told him if he ever had to wear diapers I'd tell him if his was showing and we both had a good laugh about that. It wasn't a surprise to either of us since he already knew I needed to wear diapers.
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    When me and my wife(then girlfriend) were moving me out of my dad's house and into our first apartment she had one of her friends help us whom I hadn't quite gotten around to telling yet. My wife was taking several bags of Attends to the truck, which naturally she asked about, and my wife had an "oh shit," moment as she realized neither of us had said anything. Gave her a crash course on my medical issues, but the friend was cool with it.

    Another time along similar lines a friend of mine was having a bachelor party, and the guy who was planning it naturally was limiting it to close friends, and I had to tell him I needed my wife because of my medical problems, and while we had hung out before, I hadn't told him before then(it's just not something you bring up in everyday conversation), according to him he'd always known. I'm not really sure how, but that's what he claimed.

    Those are a couple of relatively recent ones along those lines.

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    Nothing specific to add, just that I expect these positive encounters will be the rule, not the exception.

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    Often at home I go without pants and just walk around in my diaper. Much cooler

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    Quote Originally Posted by CPDude View Post
    Often at home I go without pants and just walk around in my diaper. Much cooler
    I as well, Pants are for squares, :P

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    My wife's best friend moved for a month this month with us cause her new appartement wasn't ready. First week she saw my stack of diapers cause my closet was open and I was given her the tour, I panic a Lil bit and she just said "it's OK, your wife told me, don't worry"
    She's been cool and discreet about it. I've been very discreet and respectful as well.
    My wife reassure me more and more everyday. it started kinda rough at the beginning when I told her I was light/moderate incontinent plus I really like them as well (DL/little) she makes me feel more normal and confident every day.

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    I sometimes worry my wife has told others, especially our adult children. Eeek

    To the OP, no, it's never happened, yet. I have a half dozen excuses ready at all times.

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    Having my MIL clean our house for me when we were on vacation. She was thorough (borderline nosy). Wife just said that my anxiety meds caused me to have accidents (true to a certain extent in that they cause mild urine retention). MIL never mentioned it again. Will be traveling with them soon and will wear diapers for flights and long car trips. I figure if I don't made a big deal about it, nobody will care.

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