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Thread: Classifying ourselves

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    I'm never quite sure about what category I fit into. With a lot of the categories there is some cross-over. I'm a bed and pants wetter and like but am not exclusively into diapers. So I guess I'm a DL dabbler although not a lifestyle DL guy, although I'm fascinated by the idea of it. I'm not an AB in the sense that regression isn't a big fantasy for me although I do get into role playing like humiliation and punishment sometimes. My personal confusion on these issues is probably why I delayed joining this site for a long time because I didn't know if it was a good fit for my fetishes. What do others think?

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    maybe you don't have to classify yourself into one thing, I think it's great to be interested in a lot of things.

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    I think DL is the classification that fits you best.

    However, I agree with @Crinklez - why worry about how to classify yourself? Enjoy what it is that you like and be done with it.

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    You don't have to fit. That the trouble with labels, Diapers are not big in my life but they are usefull in some situation. I have regress in to AB but found it hard to come back up, once so don't do that with out someone I can trust to help me. All this and other thing have made me realise that I am a Little, but that takes in so much. As with really life we are all different. It is easy for some one to say be your self. But if you don't know who you are it hard. I think we find out as we live with what makes us happy.

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    Labels are useful if you want to describe yourself, or have a need to. But, it's wise not to put too much pressure on them and recognize that they're only a tool for description, they're not who you are. And if there isn't any one label that suits you, that it's not a big deal at all.

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    Incontinent and unashamedly DL but have the greatest respect for those who are AB. If it makes you happy then why not.

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    I consider myself an AB, but I'm not totally into regression. The farthest I'll probably go outside of using diapers is using a pacifier to relieve stress and drinking milk from a bottle. I'm still interested in other things like cribs, but not enough to actually go and pursue them. I'm content with just diapers, bottles, and pacis.

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    For purposes of stating why I participate in forums such as these, I'd identify as a DL but not in the rest of my day-to-day living. I just happen to like wetting my pants on occasion and discovering the delight of diapers many years ago makes that even more possible.

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    I was a little into diapers from childhood, but when I become fully incontinent four years ago after a biking injury, I had to wear full time - as I am now. I'm an Incon. I'm not into AB

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    I always go for closest match. Not everyone is always going to fit with labels. I put DL because I like to wear diapers and I put AB because I sometime regress and I also like it when my husband treats me like a little girl. I also like adult cribs and AB diapers.

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