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Thread: Looks like a shark!

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    Unhappy Looks like a shark!

    Im in the hospital, potential heart problem But I did notice this...
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    I glad that you still can make something fun dan silly things while you like that, I hopefully and trust that everything will be fine and you will get better soon.

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    I hope it's nothing serious. The last time I was in the hospital and had that oxygen sensor on my finger, the nurse told me that I definitely suffered from sleep apnea and should have a sleep study done. Now I sleep with a CPAP machine and feel better because of it. I hope everything works out for you.

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    Well, things got bad... They gave me some meds to relax me and make me sleep but I ended up freaking out and hallucinating, I ripped my IVs out, called for a ride and signed myself out. When I got home I stripped off all my clothes and was running around naked in my yard. Then I shot out my bedroom window with my 9mm. My friends convinced me to go back to the hospital where I proceeded to go nuts again. It took ten guys to hold me down and sedate me. I woke up in intensive care with a tube down my throat. I have huge bruises all over from being so tense my IVs kept exploding. Im pretty sore all over from being tackled by that many people. I should only be here a few more days, happy about that.

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