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Thread: I actually bought diapers for the first time!

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    Default I actually bought diapers for the first time!

    So this quite a big achievement for me! After almost 2 years (I KNOW 2 YEARS!) I actually gained the confidence to walk into a pharmacy and buy DryNites, nappies which I have been wanting to get for a while! It seemed like such an overwhelming task but turns out its not that bad! I waited until I was the only one in the store and I bought them!

    So happy lol!

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    I remember the first time bought nappies lol, I was so scared, I had a hallucination where somebody was commenting on me buying nappies but when I looked around nobody was in sight! Still got them though after all that's what I came in for!

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    I think it was about 20 years ago when I first bought disposable diapers and back then they were hard to find in regular stores. I think I had to go to a medical supply place where a clerk asked if they were for an older relative. I didn't elaborate further. It was funnier when years earlier I bought my first plastic mattress cover after moving out from my parents home (where I had a rubber sheet over the mattress on my single bed) and ruining my first 'big boy' double mattress. I went to a department store and looked around the bedding section and then finally got up the courage to ask a clerk to help me, a polite young black guy who looked to be in his early 20s. At first he didn't understand what I was asking for when I said I needed a mattress cover for a double bed. When I told him it was for bedwetting he said in a soft voice 'Oh, my younger brother has that problem too' and led me to the area in which the waterproof covers were located. He was so nice about it that I didn't know why I had been so embarrassed to start with.

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    Haha yep buying diapers is certainly a trip on the first time, it gets easier though

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    Congrats on getting the courage to be you. Always fabulous to hear of this.

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    My first time buying diapers was really stressful. I literally went to to like 3 shops and on the last one after staring at the DVDs for like 10 minutes finally had the courage and bought some Junior Huggies nappies. I had been wanting to buy them since I was very young. I was so nervous I was shaking but no one stared or gave me weird looks and self serve made it easier too. But when I got home without anyone seeing me I was the happiest guy on earth. Oh the joy of that first time. I am not scared about buying nappies anymore or strangers seeing me buy them more to the point though I am still scared of people I know seeing me buying them. That still stumps me from buying sometimes.

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    Exactly. Scary at first, but once you are done, it's the best feeling.

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    I was going to buy some from Walmart last week to get me by while I was waiting for an online order to arrive. It was too crowded and I chickened out. The only diapers I've ever bought from the store were Goodnites/generic equivalent. No embarrassment with those since I'm just the right age to have kids who would wear them. You have more courage than me!

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    The first time is always the worse time, it gets easier as time goes on. I always find myself traveling 20 miles by train to buy them as their is slightly less chance of bumping into someone I know their.

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