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Thread: RIP: Gene Wilder AKA Willy Wonka

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    Default RIP: Gene Wilder AKA Willy Wonka

    Gene died yesterday at age 83.

    Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory
    Blazing Saddles
    Young Frankenstein ...

    I enjoyed his comedy growing up and thought he still had it on Will and Grace a few years ago.

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    I was saddened by the loss. I always enjoyed his movies. Willy Wonka was lots of fun, but The Producers was brilliant as was Wilder. Perhaps my favorite was Young Dr. Frankenstein. I still remember lots of lines like, "the kirshatort was very good but I didn't make a yummy noise." Gene Wilder will live on in my memories for as long as I have breath, and I pray, well after that.

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    I will miss him, but his movies live on.

    I loved him and Harrison Ford in "The Frisco Kid"

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    This caught me by sad surprise. It's been a harsh year for celebrities I like. I hadn't seem The Producers start to finish since I was a kid, so I did a memorial viewing.

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    Aww he was one of my favorite actors. What a bummer.

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    I enjoyed him in willy wonka...did not really care for young Frankenstein or blazing saddles, have not seen him in the producers.

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    Loved his movies. My favorite was Young Frankenstein. ... Sorry I mean Fronkinstien. Never saw the Producers though, I think I was probably 2 when that came out. Hmmm...I'm still 2, so that's a little coincidental.

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