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Thread: How do I know when I'm about to leak?

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    Default How do I know when I'm about to leak?

    I'm trying to use as much diaper as I can without leaking. I'd like to know in general how I can tell, but if you're wondering what I'm wearing , it's a Little Pawz.

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    I get the most use out of my diapers overnight. I lay on my back as miuch as possible and point down, with a good gutter in the crotch. After a few hours (and a few wettings) I have to not flodo anymore or risk a leak. I wake often so I just go every time I wake up. If I'm wearing a diaper with good wicking, and the lil paws are good that way, I know they're about at their limit when the padding in the back is wet to within an inch or two of the top padding.

    The front may still be dry, but gravity's going to put it in back, and wicking will run it down the length. If it runs out of padding, it'll come out the back top.

    Bu it can be hard to use a diaper to that level, most don't wick that well, taping is important, not moving around soon after wetting, no floods, and other factors can end your experience early with wet sheets.

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    I don't have experience with the Little Pawz, but here are a few thoughts. XP Medical has a page of diaper tests that lists things like capacity, wicking distance, and acquisition rate, which gives some idea of real life performance. For example, while ConfiDry 24/7's have an enormous capacity, they pale compared to the (much less heralded) Attends when faced with a sudden, heavy flood. Unfortunately I don't believe there's anything approaching an industry-wide chart, and even XP's details are out of date. With cheaper diapers you have to be careful of the "press out" factor, where everything is totally contained until you sit down. In general, I'd say that when you start feeling wet in the extremes of the diaper (such as under your butt), it means the wet part has crept far enough that it's no longer at body temperature and mixing with surrounding air, and soon could be mixing with your couch cushion. With a really premium diaper, unless you're drinking large quantities of liquids, you may start smelling funny long before you leak. Hope that helps.

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    Last week end i found the capacity of a bianco. I knew it was going to be close so i put on a pair plastic pant with a cloth booster. During the night the last wetting sent it over the top and the paints caught it with one small dot when i rolled out. The diaper has very heavy!

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    Quote Originally Posted by kinda View Post
    I'm trying to use as much diaper as I can without leaking. I'd like to know in general how I can tell, but if you're wondering what I'm wearing , it's a Little Pawz.
    Knowing when your nappy is about to leak is a skill you have to learn.

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    Generally I'll notice it starting to feel wet around the outside edges of the padding (particularly the front and leg openings) as it gets close to leaking.

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    Since every diaper is different, each will have its own capacity limits and therefore leak at different times. Throw in body weight, body shape, position you wet in (sleeping, sitting, standing), how it was taped, and the point of leaking can change. I know if I stand up and let go, a little at a time, I can go much longer before leaking then if sitting. The point of leaking can then be much more unexpected for me when sitting as I would think the capacity of that diaper could hold it, but I changed a variable by changing position. So I would agree that testing what you use in various situations is the best way to get a feel of what the capacity is. Use it enough and you will know it's getting close.

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    well you could lay down a bed mat. you can put one on your bed also you can lay one on the floor and stand on it if you wat to just let it go and test how much it hold or if you want to wear bedwetting pull ups, normal pull ups or baby diapers and be able to wet without worrying

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    Same here with SDK's. It's only wetting, but I drank so much water that it's a huuuuuuge wetting (I've legit been going on and of for an hour now) so I hope they don't leak on me

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    i keep washable under pads down just to be safe. Usaly a quick squish of the padding with your legs can give you an ideal.... if theirs more squish than crinkle. Or if you feel wetness around the leg gathers.

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