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Thread: Most at a time?

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    Default Most at a time?

    How many diapers have you worn at a time?
    I am currently wearing 3 Depends, i have found that any more then 3 and it doesn't soak through. But I have worn up to 5 Depends.
    I tried 3 Bambinos once, and I couldn't even walk, it was fun.

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    For me, two. Just a regular diaper with holes and a diaper over it. Depends, probably.

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    On weekends, when I do not have any commitments that force me to get out of bed early, I usually wear three diapers to bed. First a cloth diaper, then a disposable, and finally another, night-time weight cloth diaper. A frilly plastic panty to cover the diapers, and a baby-doll nighty completes my bed-time attire. I love the extremely bulky feeling of the diapers and they keep the bed, the sheets, and the blankets dry no matter how much I wet.

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    HEHEHEHEHEHE.... alright for legit use I have done four. (For actually peeing in and using them all... and those were depends max.) I also have done 2 abena x-pluses (with a full enema). And then for the winner...

    I got my hands on a pack of old longs and drugs diapers (a whole pack for 2 bucks... clearence) So I put the whole pack on. So I think 18 diaper it was. (they were large... I usually wear medium.) I wanted to have fun and for 2 bucks a whole pack of large diapers were with it. Of course I did not use them all lol. Sure fun to try to walk in and crawl in though. I probably spent a good 4 hours in them. I had the house to myself that day.


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    Probably 5 or 6 disposables. It was my last night before my parents got home, and I wanted to use them up as best I could since I knew I'd have to get rid of them that night. And I like them thick, so I put on several at a time.

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    I've worn 4 Abena x-plus' with 4 abri-let maxi booster pads. I just wobbled and couldn't really walk. It was fun.

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    Just one at a time ... I want to try two but I haven't had the time with parents around.

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    Only one for me. I don't really need to double up since Bambinos are so thick already. Plus, the idea of a really thick diaper just doesn't appeal to me. I'm odd like that.

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    I've worn 4 or 5 CVS ones. I've worn 3 CVS in public (at school). That was an experience.

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    No more than 2. That was a one off and they were both very thin adult pull ups. To be honest, I have worn single adult diapers thicker then the two of them were together, so it wasn't anything special. I think it is more efficient to only wear one and change it when necessary though - over two diapers more gets used up so you get more time in them.

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