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Thread: Getting annoyed with welfare.

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    Default Getting annoyed with welfare.

    I'm having nothing but problems with centrelink lately, every since I've been on it my life has been a living hell.

    Job agency screws me over, my welfare gets cut off, I lost $50 for something that isn't my fault, meanwhile. I try to get into contact though a 1300 number to explain why I 'missed' my appointment which I didn't, okay great I thought, this would be easy wrong.

    So I go down to centrelink, than I use there phones to call up, great I go though in 5 minutes and switch over to student, great I thought, than the lady transferred me to the 1300 number crap.

    So I end up on hold for 3 fucking hours, and I had to leave as the place closes at 5 technically.

    Great, so I woke up today, to call back the 1300 number, not only does it chew up $60 (50 cents per minute) roughly, they hang up on me as soon as I get through. (ended up waiting well over 2 hours and 30 minutes)

    Been trying to get through for the last week, job agencies are privatized, the receptionist is like dory from finding nemo, than I get a letter in the mail saying that I didn't go to the appointment.

    Yeah okay, you go telling everyone you have to rebook the appointments because of a flood on the first floor, yet I have to deal with the head department due to there mistakes, and now I'm stuck in a endless loop of whack a mole, trying to explain the situation, I explained it to the lady, and it's like she is reading from a script, doesn't consider anything I said, she said she will rebook my appointment, okay great, I never get a call back, or a new appointment.

    I wouldn't be surprised if there was a fire and there like. you weren't at your appointment, no shit.

    This is driving me mental, ironically you still end up waiting an hour even if you go into the building itself.

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    Okay, It's fixed, switched over to youth allowence, narrowly avoided a 8 week non-payment, due to switching over to youth allowance. phew

    But they have screwed something else up;
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    Typical government inefficiency.
    Their left hand has no idea what their right hand is doing 99% of the time.
    Same crap happens here in New Hampshire here in the US.

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