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Thread: People looking down at me.

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    Default People looking down at me.

    Well, I'm sick of uptight people using the fact I didn't pass year 12 against me, meanwhile I have to explain for someone who failed high year 12 I've actually accomplished a lot

    Considering I passed most of my TAFE course, and I'm now doing a diploma, isn't too bad for someone who failed high school, best of all the diploma I'm doing gives me entry into university.

    I'm just wondering why are so people uptight, I know tons of people who use the fact that I didn't pass high school as some skate goat, even though I've accomplished more than they ever will.

    I don't get people, my arrogance has gotten me far, I'm only arrogant when I'm right, I'm open minded, but only to a point, if I know I'm right I'll stick with it. I had so many people tell me I wouldn't get far, or blame me not passing high school for everything. (what I mean by this is, lets say you told me that goats can fly, I'm obviously going to be right when I say, no they can't)

    Surprisingly my TAFE tutor was surprised how well I did, considering I flopped year 12, she doesn't usually see people who fail high school.

    Personally I don't see high school as some magical gateway into the world into high education, while most people treat it as it is.

    Yet I see people who passed high school, not doing anything with there lives, working at maccas for the rest of there life.

    I'm not to judge, but the same people were going around telling people I won't make it far in life cause I didn't pass high school.

    Meanwhile, I'm doing a diploma, and will be finishing off the last 2 subjects for TAFE in 2018.

    Worst part is I have high expectations for myself, unrealistic expectations, as I know I'm a smart bear, and I keep pushing myself to do the impossible which leads to me being depressed and suicidal.

    In a way, I've kind of surpassed every single person who doubted me, which is kind of ironic.

    I know people who repeated year 12 based on the fact they listened to what the teacher told them, I even had teachers tell me I wouldn't get into TAFE cause I didn't pass high school.

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    Don't listen to them, people often times find it hard to adjust to a person adapting. If it makes you feel better I almost didn't pass year twelve.

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    Hey DrunkBear you live in Australia too don't you? Maccas lol. Anyway I just finished high school last year and am now doing an advanced diploma too and oddly enough what you've said is the exact opposite to what I felt going through year 11 and 12. Teachers were constantly saying how important the HSC is but also no one was looked down upon for not getting an ATAR or even dropping out and doing tradie work. In fact one of the smartest students in our year didn't complete year 12 because he went and got an apprenticeship. I never heard anyone say that because they didn't finish year 12 or didn't get an ATAR they weren't going to be successful. Year 12 these days is really kind of overrated in my opinion and you're right it certainly isn't a magical gateway to anywhere really. I didn't get into my diploma course because I had a year 12 cert or ATAR I got accepted because I had a good portfolio of art that showed that I was capable of doing what the course demanded. I mean don't get a good ATAR and it's pretty much useless anyway. I think a cert 3 or 4 in a specific field would be more of value than a year 12 certificate by far. Anyone can pass year 12 even the laziest students who barely came to class and got extremely low scores on exams received a year 12 certificate. So keep doing what you're doing, finish your diploma and prove everyone wrong. I too have unrealistic expectations for myself doing my course and continuously think I need to be constantly better than everyone else to succeed (which I don't). You should always push yourself to be better but not too much that you become depressed or suicidal. I wish you luck and hope you find your diploma takes you where you want to go because after all you're the most important person to please.

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    Yeouch, that bricks. And considering the fact that I failed senior year twice and left with an adult diploma makes me sympathize.

    Regardless, don't let people tell you that failing a year is going to be extremely detrimental to what you want to accomplish in life. Hate to sound like a contrarian, but high school doesn't really prepare you for much of anything unless you want to advance yourself and actually get a degree in something to advance yourself forward.

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    I'm guessing year 12 in Australia is very different from year 12 in the U. S. I had completed most of my required classes by year 11 accept for English. Year 12 English was demanding. History for me was Analytical and Theoretical Economics. I did great during my senior year. I went to college and my first year I majored in sex, drugs, alcohol and rock 'n role and almost failed out. Obviously, what you do with your life is more important than grades. I eventually got my life together by my junior year. Life is a journey and there are a lot of side roads along the way.

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    Don't feel bad you did your best and that's all that matters, I feel like people are looking down at me for the sheer fact I look and am a teenager. They associate me with a trouble maker I am sure. They sometimes don't think what I am saying is valid just because I am dacades younger than them. I think all children including adolescents should be taken seriously. All children have something valid to say I find, we should all listen to them. What really annoys me is the fact my next door neighbour can tell I am a nice person to talk to, cute, childlike and bubbly and friendly, whilst her husband looks like he looks down his nose at me, he gives me the look to say "oh no it's that trouble maker again, what's she up to?" It's like he thinks I sm going break into his house or something, it's annoying because he was all nice and friendly with me when I first moved in and I basically looked like a kid for 2 years because I was only 12 at the time. Now I look grown up, he is looking down at me, that's no excuse, I am basically the same person I was when I moved in and when I was 2-3 years old to put it that way, I am completely harmless! All I want to do is play!

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    Don't listen to these people, they don't know what they're talking about. So maybe you weren't ready to complete HS at the time. It happens all the time. Learning is a lifelong process and who's to say that when you reach 19 years old you have to reach some arbitrary milestone

    But it sounds like you're on track now (I think TAFE in the U.S. is called Vocational Technical High School). There are lots of ways forward and you'll eventually come into your own.

    You seem to have an optimistic outlook so don't let depression undermine your progress. Keep having high expectations. It may just take you a little longer to achieve them or may require you to adjust them a bit but you're going in the right direction. You're doing awesome.

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    if you're ok on your own and handling your life to be fulfilling to your needs and some of your wants, what does it matter what others say?

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