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Thread: Gay Bar fetish night

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    Default Gay Bar fetish night

    This weekend a local gay bar is having a fetish night and they encourage people to dress up. They advertise more for bdsm, leather, and furries but Im thinking of going as a baby. Im thinking of wearing a shortall, baby shirt, pacifier, and of course a diaper. I think it would be a lot of fun and it would a nice ice-breaker too.

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    There's a bar in town that does this on a monthly basis and had a special night for ABDLs/ageplayers that I went to. Attendance was beyond my already pretty high expectations. I did dress up a bit just for the occasion. It's not really my way to ABDL, but I think it's great that it can exist. People seemed to have a good time and those who were just there for a regular Saturday night took it all in stride as far as I could tell.

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    In my experience gay people tend to be pretty open about fetishes. Maybe because the bar of self-acceptance is higher there's a tendency to accept other people too. I know watersports is a fairly accepted thing for a lot of gay people because I went to some parties years ago. I say go ahead, enjoy and have fun.

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    Im not gay but I think it would be fun, I'd go, im not shy anymore.

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    ​I have never been to a Gay Bar - Not my thing as an older Gay man.

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    I frequent the gay bars down in the Quarter, but I'm usually fully clothed, lol. If they have another Underwear Day parade I may give that a shot in a T-shirt and diaper,

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    Hee, hee.

    I the only little in the village. Humm you may not get that YouTube little Britain I the only gay in the village.

    Any way the is a munch once a month in my local town. I go there and people from all difert fetish and I am accepted as a little but I do have to enten my self so i take my colouring in book and felt tips sit in a corner with Peter Rabbit and curling and quietly suck my pasifer. They know what I am doing "little space." And I fell safe becouse if some one was to have a go they would have lots of bigs on them. It nice being little around them becouse they don't judge me.

    The only down side is that no one seems to be willing to join me in little space. It is like I am the kid at a grown up meeting. But it nice meeting other people with there thing whether it cross dressing or trans. Slave / master and so on.

    I was nervous at first but there is no need ABDL is more know about than we think and you going as a baby to such a meeting will be fine and fun you will get to meet some interesting people.

    Have fun.


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    There's a gay bar in L.A that frequently has different nights for different fetishes, so every once in a while, they'll have an ABDL night. I went to it one time, and had a really fun time. Met some cool ABDLs and those who weren't ABDLs were cool with it and knew what they were getting themselves into.

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    yeh go for it I like going to the gay bar sometimes. im not a big fan on drinking and getting drunk so I don't go often

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