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Thread: Hotel staff saw me in my nappy....

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    Default Hotel staff saw me in my nappy....

    I've been staying at a hotel for a while, and this morning I ended up oversleeping, the cleaning people came in to find me sleeping in my soaked nappy and plastic pants. I woke up and they were polite as can be, I was still incredibly embarrassed and had to avoid looking them in the eye. I started getting ready and headed out, letting them get to work. I came back in an hour or so ago and there was a plastic sheet on the bed, as far as I know none of my pee had leaked onto it, but i guess they were just taking precautions. I feel really humiliated, and was wondering if I should still stay at the hotel? I feel like everyone's laughing at me behind my back.

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    A true green horn they have sxperiencdd all levels of IC and it's just another day to them, chill out, there not laughing, they probably don't even remember. And if you are IC or just acting as one at the hotel declaring your diapers is the right thing to do so they can take protection of there property in case yours fails.

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    You absolutely, absolutely should stay. As long as you pay your bill and don't trash the room, you have every right to be there, and the hotel staff are there to serve you, not the other way around. If the hotel had a reasonably occupancy that night, you were also likely not the only person in a diaper. Concerning the plastic sheet, I'm sure in their eyes that was just another part of the service, not intended harshly in any way. Try to put yourself in a different frame of mind. Say they caught you sleeping in the nude instead. That would have been embarrassing, too, but I'll bet you would have laughed it off. I once had a man walk in on me while changing in a toilet stall at the mall. My shorts were at my ankles and I'd just applied fresh barrier cream. He stood and stared for moment and I completely held my ground, smiled and said "....Hi!". Needing a diaper sometimes brings with it minor embarrassments, but that's no reason to not live a regular life. Hold your head up and be proud.

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    I get kind of sensitive about people seeing me in my nappies since I got teased a lot as a kid. Even though I know they probably weren't too fazed really, it still bothers me and I feel really nervous and paranoid.

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    School kids is gladiator training , only the strong survive because a child's capacity to be cruel is limitless. Heal those scars and move on for your own self love.

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    I'm sorry you had to go through that as a kid. Yes, kids can be mean and incidents like that can still hurt years later. While I didn't have the same problems as you, I suffered some bullying, too, mostly from being un-athletic and very socially awkward. You profile says that you're 20 and from my perspective are still a kid. In time I think you'll learn to get ahead of it and go on the offense. I started losing my hair when I was 19, and today am the first to make Lex Luthor jokes. I'm not suggesting bringing up nappies in conversation, but should somebody confront you, don't shy away either. Say "I have a medical issue and am dealing with it responsibly, and if you have a problem with that, it's not my concern".

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    One day I will work up the courage to let the cleaning girl see me in a pink diaper ( by accident of course )

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    Quote Originally Posted by pantyboyinnc View Post
    One day I will work up the courage to let the cleaning girl see me in a pink diaper ( by accident of course )
    If you have to ''work up the courage'' to do it, it's not exactly an accident, now is it?

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    Decided not to leave, I ran into the cleaning people and one of them asked if the sheet was okay (she whispered to avoid any embarrassment) I told her it was and said thanks. Considering that the plastic sheet will be useful, I should probably tell hotels about my wetting in advance...

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    Good job, mate! I re-read a few of your earlier posts, including the one about about harassment at that cafe. Whether you still patron them or not, it seems you are starting to go on the offense, and I'm sure somebody else will appreciate that disposal bin. Needing IC protection shouldn't be a big deal and the less people shrink away from discussing it, the closer society comes to making that a reality.

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