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    Does anyone have any suggestions of a diaper that is similar to the discontinued Depends fitted briefs?

    I am asking this, because my "go-to" diaper for wearing out in public under my clothes was the former and now discontinued Depend fitted brief. I know, I know, that it certainly wasn't the greatest at absorbancy in comparison to premium brands, but the overall style, fit, and easily availability made it a diaper that I would often choose to wear during the day. It was not too bulky so as to be noticed, but still had somewhat decent absorbancy and leak protection if I used it.

    The new and so called "improved" Depends fitted briefs is a joke. They have gone backwards in everything. It has a cloth outer covering which doesn't hold anything in, only four tabs, of which easily rip off, and even the cloth backing is easily torn, rendering it useless. It might be discrete in the cloth like covering as far as sound, but if you use it, it is not discrete at all. It leaks like a sieve, and tears apart easily.

    I am not incontinent, but I enjoy wearing diapers throughout the day, but I do not want to be noticed. That is what I liked about the old Depends. They truly felt like you were wearing a diaper, they were plastic, but not too thick so as to be easily noticed. They had the fitted leg gathers that helped prevent leakage from minor wettings, and six tabs so as to assure a tight and comfortable fit.

    The new product is simply not something that feels as a true diaper, and it is really worthless if you actually use it.

    So, I am looking for a replacement.

    What other adult diapers out there are similar to Depends that offer some protection, but still feel like a baby diaper, with plastic backing, but are not too crinkly and not too bulky so as to be easily noticed if you are wearing under your clothes throughout the day?

    I would really appreciate recommendations. While I have often thought I was pretty good at giving recommendations for diapers, this particular situation has me a bit stumped. While I have never been a huge proponent of Depends, I have to admit, they were always as accessible as my nearby K-mart or Walgreens store. I enjoyed wearing them as I felt I was truly wearing a diaper and felt confident that others wouldn't easily notice I was wearing and if I did use them a little bit, I would still not be noticed. Granted I couldn't use them without limitations as they simply don't stack up to premium diapers, but then that was not the intent.

    Right now, my own thoughts are the XP medical absorbancy plus, but they don't have the leg gathers and are a bit more bulky.

    I am not looking for a replacement premium diaper, as I have my own choices for that. It is hard to beat the Dry 24/7 and even the Aww So Cute and Teddy Bear Bambinos do an amazing job, but they aren't diapers that I would recommend if you are not wanting to be noticed. They are pretty bulky and a bit noisy.

    Looking for suggestions for a diaper that is baby-like, is comfortable, discreet even if you moderately use it, and something that you can wear without being obviously noticed.


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    I would say the next best thing would be Tranquility ATN. They have a better capacity, they have 2 tapes per side though. The plastic is a little noisier as well.

    Another alternative would be Northshore Supreme Lite. They also have a higher capacity, a little thicker, somewhat stiff, but the plastic is quieter than most.

    ID Slip PE from XP Medical is a thinner style diaper and has a great day time capacity. It's great for day time as it's pretty thin. Plastic isn't that noisy and is mostly quiet under clothes. It's one of those perfect median diapers.

    XP Medical has another median diaper, the A+ level 3 diaper that had higher capacity than all of the ones listed here.

    I wouldn't stoop to low below these as you will be going into the cheap medical diapers that are plain not worth it. They have a few plastic backed diapers but they make Depend seem like premium diapers.

    None of these have waistband because Depend still has patent rights to it.

    I'd personally recommend ID Slip PE out of all of these. They are mostly plain white.

    You can purchase samples of these to see what you ultimately like. Northshore would probably send you a sample pack for free. Tranquility I believe offers free samples as well.

    Good luck finding a replacement. As far as plain white goes XP A+ is plain white if you're looking for less ugly printing. Northshore and ID Slip are very similar in look with wetness indicators, and very light printing of the brand name. Tranquility has darker markings on it and the tapes have a design on it.

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    In spite of my screen name (used only for continuity with other boards), I haven't worn Depends in ages, and can't quite remember a time when they were adequate for regular wear without a booster. The Tranquility ATN's are what Depends always should have been: inexpensive but actually usable. They are a bit more bulky, but on the other hand have a really low waistline and don't swell up a lot like some diapers. I'd give them a try.

    As for MeTaLMaNN1983's other suggestions, I am actually shopping for daytime alternatives, too, and am keeping them in mind!

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