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Thread: Adding a Landing Strip to Diapers that don't come with one

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    Default Adding a Landing Strip to Diapers that don't come with one

    So after my diarrhea almost-accident tonight, I decided to break up the pack of molicare Super Pluses that my hubby surprised me with. I took the opportunity to try out adding a landing strip to my diaper with some packaging tape.

    Overall it achieved the desired effect, but I have noticed one big difference. The ABU Space feels like it has a thicker plastic on the front and the helps keep the plastic from wrinkling up and poking me. The thinner plastic on the molicare lets me feel the tape more, and it sometimes feels like I'm being poked.

    While overall I love the landstrip, I'm not sure If I'll add it to any other diapers in the future. Just wanted to share in case anyone else was thinking of giving it a try themselves. We'll have to see how well it worked out in the morning.

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    Packing take works well to make a landing strip. You can get different qualitie of packing tape also for varying degrees of hardness. More expensive packing tapes (Duck brand for example) are quite thick.

    In addition to possibly making the tapes movable / checkable, it also protects the front of the shell from tearing if you like your tapes tight. At this point the weak link will become the tapes breaking, or ripping off the back.

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    You can buy diapers that have a wetness indicator. Good luck

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    I have thought about adding a landing strip to some Kolibris (though would want Superman or X-Men or Gundam tapes to make it worth while).... I hope the native plastic on them allows for less sensory transference than Molicares.

    Reports on your experiences are appreciated!

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    I agree about the tape causing some discomfort. I only use it if my diaper has a weak tape to begin with and then just tape myself up a bit to prevent it from coming off. I have yet to find a "soft" but strong packing tape.

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