View Poll Results: How do you obtain your music?

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  • Illegaly (Through LimeWire, BearShare or other free music downloading software)

    14 30.43%
  • Legally (Through CDs, buying online, etc.)

    9 19.57%
  • A little of both.

    19 41.30%
  • Neither/Other (explain)

    4 8.70%
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Thread: How do you obtain your music?

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    Default How do you obtain your music?

    Are you a naughty little pirate or an innocent CD buyer? Why?

    I've downloaded from BearShare in the past, but stopped and purchased CDs only because it crashed my computer.

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    All music I have has been downloaded over the net. Through Torrents or Direct Links over HTTP. However, am I being a pirate to getting them? About half of them are realised freely by the artist. But the artist still has owns the copyright rights over it.

    I have yet to buy any music.

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    Butterfly Mage


    I just can't steal. I hate the record companies, but like the artists

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    I've bought many hundreds of 78s 45s, LPs, 8-Tracks, Cassettes, CDs and even some Reel to Reel tapes over the last forty-something years. Due to malware issues I've mostly avoided Napster and it's clones. I do however "obtain" a lot of music from the newsgroups. Tag sales and thrift shops add to my collection a lot too.

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    I download a lot, but it's mostly highly obscure music. Neoclassical darkwave like Dark Sanctuary and symphonic gothic metal like After Forever is just rather difficult to find, quite frankly. Not that their record companies give a shit, anyway.

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    Mostly illegally by torrents or from friends computers. I don't fell too bad about it though. I actually bought the album of my ex-boyfreind's friends on iTunes, to which they said something along the lines of: "Thanks a lot, you just earned us a couple of cents. Oh, the things we will be able to do with this newfound wealth".

    I still pay a lot of money to see live shows, which actually makes more money for the bands, but the record industry really needs to think of something new if they expect me and other people to pay for the music itself.

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    I use limewire, mostly because i don't have the money to dish out to itunes or buy CD's when i can get it all for free

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    I will pirate albums that I already have on vinyl, but for everything else I will buy it on itunes or my CD collection.

    But some REALY obscure music like for instance "Bucketheads Master gigantron" album that was only released in Japan in limited qauntities I am pretty much forced to pirate it because its so obscure.

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    I've bought about 4-5 albums and downloaded the rest illegally (~15GB).

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    Private trackers and the like. It's remarkably easy to find what you want on the internet.

    But one of my pasttimes is to go to record stores and hunt out good used cd's when i have the time + money, two things which i unfortunately do not have much of right now. I also like to buy from smaller labels. Support the underdog etc.

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