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Thread: Molicare- what's happened?!

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    Default Molicare- what's happened?!

    Hi guys,

    At present I get supplied with Molicare Premium Maxi's to handle my incontinence through the NHS. I really cannot believe how awful they are compared to the old style purple plastic nappies which almost seemed like the best on the market.
    They're so awful, I'm using plastic backed ID Slips which rarely leak or let me down.

    My main issues with them are:

    -Cloth backing causing my skin to itch and causes rashes easily.

    -Absorbency for a maxi style product is very poor.

    -Jelly blowouts during the night inside the pad- rarely happens with other pads I wear.

    Naturally, I have gone back to my continence nurse to complain, yet nothing can apparently be done as they're on a 10 year contract with Hartmann-Molicare.

    Anyone else experienced the same issues?

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    Can they supply the new Molicare Slip Maxi that is the plastic-backed replacement for the purple ones? I have just started testing them, they are not 100% identical but someone else might have a more detailed comparison. In any case they are the only plastic-backed offering from Hartmann so presumably as close as you are going to get via that source. I haven't tried the Premiums and probably won't bother.

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