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Thread: Putting On A Bunch Of Underwear

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    Default Putting On A Bunch Of Underwear

    So I'm in that mood where I am just not feeling getting up going to the bathroom, problem is I've been out of diapers for a really long time now, but I've known a trick for a while now that I think a few others here may use.

    I put on like 6 pairs of briefs underwear, white ones just for the principle haha. Anyway no, the feel is certainly not nearly as soft and comforting as sitting in a diaper, that softness I'm afraid can't be redone. Either way I'm sitting here now in a fully wet set of 6 pairs of briefs, I actually wet them pretty nicely, the butt of my sweatpants still got a bit wet by nature as there's no absorbency to just regular pairs of underwear, so I had to compromise my pants a little bit.

    Even though it doesn't do much masking, I've used this method of substituting diapers even in public, I've wet myself in multiple pairs of underwear from supermarkets to just plain walks in the park. If I really have to mess myself, I wouldn't hesitate although it's kind of hard to go in your underwear when there's 6 pairs because it gets kind of tight, but if it needs to come out it will, I've learned that.

    I'm just posting this to ask if anyone else has done this before, I love it haha

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    I used to do that often as a teenager

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    I tried it a few times, mostly as a teen. I wasn't into wetting or messing as a kid, so it was just for the novelty. It's not really like a diaper at all, instead being hard and constricting. It's interesting in its way buy I don't think it's my thing.

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    I have done this often, as a matter of fact just a few weeks back my wife bought me a 8 pack of new briefs ,,, as always it was all of them on at one time and a really good soaking to make them mine

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    I did this when I was younger. It doesn't really work to stop accidents though, not like a diaper. It just slows things down a little bit, but there's no plastic or any sort of layer to stop the flow of moisture, so it eventually works its way out and gets your pants wet.

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    Well I haven't done it the way you do but I have purposely when I was a teen with no way to get diapers wet my briefs giving such characters on my briefs such as Optimus Prime and Phineas and Ferb a nice wetting. Though I technically have gotten even littler wearing pull UPS. Lol

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    I did this when I was a kid thinking that it would absorb with all that cloth but nope and then got question by my parents haha awkward. Funnily enough it gave me an idea how it would be cool if there was a nappy like product that was cloth and you just cleaned it and could re use it. I was like 8 at the time and didn't know anything about cloth diapers and thought I had come up with a cool idea.

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    I liked to do this, too. Back when I had tighty whities. Nowadays I don't have them, so when I want to wear a diaper but don't have any left I just wear a pair of training pants.

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    Never did do this, no, but I've many times cut out the crotch of an old pair of undies and replaced it with a cloth baby diaper--in effect, creating my own cloth training pants. Fun, fun, fun!

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    I used to do this as a teenager as well. I used to stuff them with t-shirts for extra thickness.

    I no longer have to do that since I've bought cloth diapers and plastic pants.I'd advise you to get a prefolds along with some toddler prefolds for stuffers for times like these.

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