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Thread: SCORE!!!!! Dipers for days and days.

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    Wink SCORE!!!!! Dipers for days and days.

    Just scored 4 cases of diapers. That's 384 diapers in total. What is your best diaper score?

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    HOnestly just regular bags, never had a score like that, you'll be diapered properly for a long time

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    Quote Originally Posted by babyracer37 View Post
    Just scored 4 cases of diapers. That's 384 diapers in total. What is your best diaper score?
    I dare you to put them All on at once. Lol!

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    I have 10 cases 2 onesies and 2 pair of rubber or plastic pants for sale for $250,all are unused in the sealed package, landlord is up my ass about them , so I am having a fire sale two weeks and they are gone or into the incinerator they go that's close to 10,000 diapers someone can score!, if they need or want Them I have a couple of thousand dollars of catheters they can have also, so if you know anybody in Pa ,NY, or OH let them know they gotta go ! That's a haul and a half for most people.

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    I believe my best was 11 cases of Goodnites (44-48 per case, L/XL) for $10/case. Before that it was 5 cases for $10/case, and several individual cases for $10 each from various people. All on Craigslist (local sellers). Hold out for the best deals and pass up the OK ones.

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    My best was a case of 80 Medline diapers, $25 for it, pretty cheap for an Amazon order.
    Maybe if I visit a local thrift shop I'll find some ABDL diapers.

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    I live in NY and I'm always looking to buy more diapers tetra

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    best score was 4 bags of assorted premium diapers from a side walk sale of a medical supply company that was closing this particular store, Mommy and I had a very heavy load to carry down main street back to the car

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