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Thread: Diehard plastic-backed fans - what's your take on breathable sides?

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    Default Diehard plastic-backed fans - what's your take on breathable sides?

    This question is really for all those who swore eternal allegiance to plastic backed disposables and wouldn't have dreamed of wearing a nappy with fabric-like backing, but have nonetheless tried the current generation of breathable-side evolutions such as the new Tena Slip, iD Slip or Kolibri. What do you make of them?

    I've never been happy with regular cloth-style brands, both from the practical standpoints of seepage, sagging etc and from an aesthetic dislike. Nappies are wearable waste-collecting devices and no matter how well they perform it just doesn't feel right toileting in something supposedly like regular clothing. Both disadvantages are partly covercome by wearing plastic pants which I usually do, but in these hot summer months I sometimes forego the plastic pants during the day and rely on a top-absorbency nappy with a secure plastic backing to keep it all safely inside.

    In the quest for a cooler and more comfortable summer experience I have taken the plunge into breathable sides without plastic pants and am struggling to reconcile my need of security and hygiene with the undoubted comfort benefit of less plastic round my middle. I'll be experimenting with various brands, at the moment it's Tena Slips. After a lot of little sprinkles, a big wetting happened at the supermarket without any leaks or surprises, which bodes well. I haven't had a messy one yet but what that happens it will be the slender cut and lack of plastic pants that are the main concern rather than the breathable sides themselves. And that funny feeling that I'm doing a poo in my knickers rather than in a nappy where it belongs.

    Any converts out there?

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    If they work for you, both practically and esthetically, more power to you. For me, they're an abomination. Go smooth plastic or go home. Maybe some of that unwillingness to yield to practicality is based for me in Seattle's cooler climate, but I was 24/7 during last year's very hot summer and we don't do a lot with air conditioning. I just finished another 24/7 stretch this year but thankfully this summer has been cooler. I know diapers are going to be uncomfortable due to heat but it's the cost of doing business.

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    I've tried cloth backed diapers before. I don't like the feeling of it wet or dry. I don't like how it gets cooler on the inside. It makes the wet feeling worse. The breathable sides tend to stretch easily, often leaving me with a saggy diaper. I do wear pull ups for the sweltering Louisiana outdoors. They do keep me from sweating anymore than I usually do. The hybrid diapers that you are talking about
    With breathable wings and plastic center, I haven't tried them yet.

    To me it's sort of interesting but when it comes down to it, I like all plastic diapers and will buy them because I like being able to lie down and it slides while tossing and turning. The cloth fabric resists that movement and usually stretches out and makes the fit awkward. I also love the crinkles. The smooth feeling under my clothes. It's what I grew up with and grew to love.

    I don't completely damn cloth backed diapers, I just hate the fact that they've taken over the market so much. If I only had enough money for a single choice it will always be plastic backed first.

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    Default Diehard plastic-backed fans - what's your take on breathable sides?

    I'd prefer the cloth backed to the hybrid mix. They are horrid and stretch even more than full cloth. But each to their own.

    However give me full plastic any day of the week and we are so spoilt for choice now, why not?

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    Plastic backed all the way for me the noiser the better,
    I prefer the more secure feeling I get with plastic backed nappies,
    I love the feel of the smooth plastic, and the crinkle sounds I get when I walk.
    These are what I grew up with.

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    Generally a die hard plastic backed lover but I have used hybrids before that were OK.

    None that I tried lasted long on the market back in the earlier 2000's.

    I wouldn't bother trying Tena stuff and am both dubious but curious about cloth backed Kolibris after hearing other negative reports on them.

    I guess they could be worth a try.

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    I'm still getting some crinkle with these and so far they seem stable in shape. Not the most absorbent of nappies of course, but in this humid weather even when drinking a gallon a day there's more sweating than wetting so not a big deal. I've now experienced a messy one which wasn't too bad, certainly didn't feel as weird as doing it in a regular cloth backed. Will keep an open mind as I go through a pack of each brand, so far the experience is still positive on account of the climatic conditions - in cooler weather they would have no benefits to offer so plastic-backed will still be favourite, also at night. Only a thick, smooth full-cut plastic nappy gives that wonderful feeling of safety when drifting off to sleep.

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    Currently wearing a Molicare Super Plus with full cloth backing. I wanted a discrete daytime diaper that ended well below my belly button, and there appeared to be few choices. There are some random, unexpected leaks under my butt, and I'm not sure if that's more from the cloth backing or the non-traditional cut. I tested a single Molicare Comfort Super with the plastic center and cloth sides, and the experience was positive enough to try a full pack. Yes, I strongly prefer plastic-backed all around, and insist on it at night, but sadly that isn't the world we live in anymore.

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    I changed into a Molicare overnight and this morning I am in an iD Slip hybrid (did not get back to pick up the Tenas from where I left them, so started on the pack of iDs instead.) So far so good. Original plan was to do the morning mess in another Molicare and then change into an iD but I was feeling adventurous enough to go straight for the iD and have a squat in that. Felt a little insecure with a lot of solid waste in the seat, would not have risked sitting in it, but didn't have any messy leakage. After a couple of wets in the second one it's pretty comfy so will be happy to continue with these today. I think the real advantage of hybrids is that on very hot days they will at least reduce the disincentive to wear a nappy. Even if the coolness/comfort advantage is modest, when faced with the decision as to whether to go without a nappy I can simply switch to hybrid and not feel that I have sacrificed my comfort just for the sake of being toilet-free. Let's see how the iD Slips hold up today, it's a bit cooler so there will be a bit more wetting to do.

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