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Thread: 10 sealed factory cases Tranquility "ATN"

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    Default 10 sealed factory cases Tranquility "ATN"

    10 cases size medium brand new diapers 250$ the buyer will also get 2 brand new unworn onesies and 2 pairs new rubber or plastic pants. Valued between $35-45 dollars each for onesies 49.95 per pair of pants , diapers are $80-90 dollars a case and caths are about $1200 per 90.

    This is a 2 week only move em out fire sale.
    It's just a little shy of 10,000 diapers
    And if you are a cath user I have extra Coloplast hydrophilic brand new sterile caths about $1200 per 90 free for the taking .

    I am out of room landlord Is bitching , they must get gone in the next 2 weeks or they will probably go into incinerator.
    Posted August 27, 2016

    Pink up in Erie pa 90 miles from N.Y. and 90 miles from ohio .

    Pm if you want them...

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    If I didn't live so far away I'd snatch those up in a heartbeat. Good luck! I'm more than sure someone wants them.

    If I may ask, why does your landlord care that you have these? Even if they are taking up a lot of space.

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    Because I have another entire room floor to ceiling , and during a recent inspection I caught grief , so some of the Backstock has to go. Just to keep the peace.

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    um not really sure selling stuff is allowed on here

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    If not a mod will remove it or relocate it, not a problem!

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