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Thread: The best thing happened last night

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    Wink The best thing happened last night

    So my wife and I where talking last night about the fact that I had been ordering mor tykables overnights and wearing them more often. Then she proposed the idea of because I have had issues in the past few months with bed wetting that I start wearing diapers full time at nights so every night, but here comes the best part she said that she will be diapered with me because she want to be as she put it "back in diapers as well"

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    aww thats adorable! did you know that she was interested in being put back in diapers as well? or do you think its more of a supportive, lets see what all the fuss is about type thing?

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    I knew she was kind of interested. She would wear one from time to time but I had no idea that she was interested in being back in diapers. There is no complaints from me I like seeing here in diapers.

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    im glad for you! the next step is seeing if she wants to join adisc! haha...keep us updated?

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