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    Build a bear has some scent things you put in the bear/animal. I put one in my favourite build a bear and the smell calmed me down and put me to sleep. I've tried medications and everything for sleep. I'm just too anxious so they don't work. But the scent being in my dogs head out me to sleep, like I was out like a light. You can just buy one if it's a non build a bear or take your friend (if it's a build a bear) in the store and they'll put it in for you. It's about $3.50 for one and they last 2 years.
    Mines cotton candy scented! They have lots more you can look at on the website.

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    Hi ThankQ for letting me know. I think Peter Rabbit need a bit more inside him. I kind of hug him a bit to much and I could get them to put a nice smell in side also I won't to get him a suit to wear so he can come on business meeting with me. Hee, her maybe.

    And I forgot to put a raw in toothless my dragon. A he keep reminding me I promise him that I would take him back and get him a one. So he can scare off the monsters from under my bed a lot easier.

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    I got a smelly add in for my build a bear. It was a bit too strong initially but overtime it wasn't annoying at all and actually made it more comforting. Self-soothing for anxiety is amplified when more senses are engaged.

    I WUV teddy bears!

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    I want a build a bear sooooo muches and I think the scent will just make is so much better. I have heightened sensitivity to scents and they evoke emotions in me. I love anything scented - it makes me happy

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