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Thread: Long time DL, branching out

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    Default Long time DL, branching out

    Hi, I've been a DL for many years (since my 8th grade health teacher started class one day by asking if any of us still wore a diaper...and apparently something snapped!) and coming off a 5 year purge. I've been a member of a couple similar sites, while still reading ADISC occasionally, but didn't decide to join until this week.

    Basically I'm looking meet and interact with new people. As we all know, this compulsion isn't the sort of thing to bring up in casual conversation with friends or family or coworkers. I'm an IT professional with an interest in old movies (horror, sci-fi, noir, etc.), travel, exercise, politics, British culture, and a number of other things. Hope to get to know some of you!

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    Welcome to ADISC!

    Old movies -- are you talking about before the 50's or like the 50's to 60's or some other timeframe? I guess 'old' depends on your current age. What are some of your favorite old movies?

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    "Old" for me is anything prior to the 70's, and I do mean Edison, Méliès, Porter, and Griffith. I don't currently own very much of that vintage but was a film student once upon a time and got a good taste of it then. I recently bought a handful of silent Fritz Lang films and other German Expressionist stuff and have a set of Houdini films and serials sitting around that I've only nibbled at. (Yes, he was also a movie star.) Recently, though, I've been plowing through a stack of British films. I love "Dead of Night", a horror anthology from 1945. It's a bit creaky for modern audiences but still packs a punch at the end. I was also amused by "Cosh Boy" from 1952, about youth gangs in postwar England, and the lead actor does a great job portraying the homicidal little snot in charge. Also with an early appearance by Joan Collins.

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    Hi and welcome to the site. I also love the old horror and sci-fi movies. I've a got a few on DVD as well as some old episodes of Mystery Science Theater 3000.

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    Hello and welcome! I'm new as well and also love old horror movies

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